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Thematic Essay: Happy Endings

p Thematic Essay : elated EndingsThematic Essay : happy Ending by Margaret Atwood (Name (Institution (Instructor s name (Course Thematic Essay : gifted Endings by Margaret AtwoodIn this essay , I examine the short sum up , Happy Endings by Margaret Atwood and how the Canadian author tackled the of get by and the opposite ways it is portrayed in human relationships and conglutination , as hale as examined writing styles as used in the narrative . For my conclusion I will elaborate on the richness of mania and dream in making marriages set aside as well(p) as emphasize on the criticality of attack up with an original and authentic literary workIn this bill , Atwood cogitate on both the mechanics of writing and the personal effects of sex activity stereo typewrite , as well as challenged who rely on the stereo natural characterization of men and women and to the reader who accepts such g closeer typing . At the alike(p) time , she challenged different to more well examine typical literary convention . Happy Endings has six baloney versions that founder a different scenario of what Through abstract of Happy Endings by Margaret Atwood happens to the main characters , John , Mary , Madge and FredThree main themes surface from this story . These themes are that the story depicts bourgeois determine portrays marriage and romance and illustrates writing conventions . Touching on middle-class set , Atwood represents these values in her story as an fragment of the society . In doing so , the characters in the story eat uporse them even in the more troublesome aspects of the stories . In tackling marriage and romance the story revolves around the fulfillment that marriage brings . use material winner and ease of life as the criteria to specialize a winning marriage , John and Ma ry sure as pellet have built one . Romance! , on the separate hand , excessively emerges as an important theme . The merge versions of the story mimic the trajectory of cliched romance novels , which end with the hero and the heroine living happily ever after . Atwood too parodies some typical plots of romantic novels , which include murder , felo-de-se infidelity , and disease . Lastly , Atwood also dealt with writing conventions in the story by way of experimentation . Atwood s text in the story is self-referential as she explicitly refers to events that have happened earlier on , as well as the mechanics and elements of writing duet directly and indirectly , Atwood addresses the whole notion of how an author develops a story . In addition , Atwood s work also challenges to ennoble authentic worksFrom the above information and opinions , I conclude that for a more different and effective way of writing , authenticity is important for to value . I also conclude that love in marriage or any kind of relationship ne eds romance to be its companion in for these relationships to fit as romance is the oil that keeps friction from wearing come out of the closet the relationshipReferencesBookRags and Thomson Gale (2006 . Happy endings study guide . Retrieved February 28 , 2008from http / web .bookrags .com /studyguide-happyendingsHYPERLINK http / entanglement .answers .com /happy-endings-story-4 CyberParent (2006...If you want to get a to the full essay, order it on our website:

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Data Communication Security, Internet Security And Implimentation Schemes

Data Communication bail , Internet credentials pass judgment and carrying into action SchemesA Review of LiteratureGiven the ality of the issues of entropy warranter and Internet security in the modern world , there has been a variation of takingss issued virtually them . These publications are aimed at a variety of audiences , both specializer and non-specialist . This review will mostly focus on scientific publications aimed at either specialist public functional in the ICT sphere or at high- aim managers in antithetic fields that come in contact with data security issues in their daily workThe book that needs to be menti peerlessd root is Cryptography and Data Security by Dorothy E . Denning . It was one of the first publications in the field , and it complicates information on algorithms employ in cryptography that is indispensable for any gain ground exploration of data security issuesFoundations of Security : What Every programmer needs to Know by Neil Daswani , HYPERLINK http /www .amazon .com /Foundations-Security-Every-Programmer-Experts /dp 42 /ref sr_1_3 ?ie UTF8 s books qid 95 sr 1-3 Christoph supply and Anita Kesavan explains the basic foundations of secure system design . It is used as a textbook in the Stanford Center for Professional increase Security Certification Program . The book discusses both the methodological level of principles of data security and practical applications that can hold dear computers in networksFinally , there is a need to be mentioned the publication that to a great extent focuses on security in TCP /IP-based networks , Internet and Intranet Security by Rolf Oppliger . The s cover in the book include firewalls , access...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:
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Skating Imagine that youve just turned 16 and your parents bought you a brand new Mustang. Youre cruising on the street at more or less 25 miles per hour. So mayhap youre not breaking the swiftness limit, but everyones staring. You feel the light breeze through your hair. thence youre in the air, 12 feet high. Finally, you land on your back and keep an eye on this (gesture 6 in.) close to cracking your skull. What happened? You were skating. As Aaron Spohn, a well(p) reckon ramp builder for the National Inline Skate Series, intense Games, and many a(prenominal) pro inline skaters, said, When you tell someone you are an in-line skater, you automatically discover they envision you sporting a tangerine personate suit, waist pack and a pair of wraparound neon sunglasses.S1 Or maybe you see me as one of those with $35.00 generic skates, move my coat of arms more than my legs and rolling down the street at a rate of 1 mile per day. This is not the fictitio us slip of skating I am talking slightly. Im talking approximately aggressive inline ...If you want to get a full essay, let on it on our website:

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The Devestating Effects Of Popcorn

The Devestating Effects of popcorn One of the biggest threats to freedom in our array personnel today is the ever-looming possibility that someone will clear the accredited power of popcorn and bring homo leaders to their knees. Popcorn holds a power that to this point has remained untapped. However, if placed in the transfer of a terrorist organization, the true power of popcorn could be unleashed to roleplay havoc on innocent men, women and children. Millions of people to each one form have the luxury of eating popcorn freely. individually shadow in this country alone, thousands of people flock to mental picture theaters to jollify a large tub of popcorn objet dart ceremonial a new plastic film. Month after calendar month the movies on the screen continue to change, following and sometimes affecting world trends, beliefs and styles. Through it all, the popcorn remains the same. It continues to draw the movie patrons buns to the theater with the bitte r taste of salt mingled with a golden layer of liquid butter. Already, many slightly the reality h...If you want to get a full essay, hostelry it on our website:

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FMFMFMMFM In 1970 only 1 in 27 girls participated in high school sports, today that ratio is 1 in 3. Sports are a very important part of the American inn. at bottom sports heroes are made, goals are set and dreams are lived. The media makes on the whole these things possible by creating publicity for the rising stars of today. Within society today, the media has down mutanted the role of the woman within sports. When the American people mean of women in sports, they think of ice skating, work hockey and diving. stack dont recognize that women make the potential to play any sport that a spell can play, with touch on skill, if not better. Much has changed for women since the 1970s. i of the most important events that have happened in the world of female person athletics is the establishment of master copy athletics for women. educational Amendments of 1972. These amendments assure that everyone who extremitys an education is treated as no issue what race or ge nder, to create opportunities ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Space The Presidential Commission on the Space razz Challenger Accident, chaired by former Secretary of State William P. Rogers, investigated the nap surrounding the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger shortly after liftoff on January 28, 1986. The Commission was established in February, 1986, accordant to Executive Order 12546, and it issued its final report in June, 1986. William Rogers was at the sentence a practicing attorney and senior partner in the law firm Rogers & Wells. In 1973, Rogers was awarded the Medal of Freedom. exclusively other members of the Commission have excellent qualifications such as previous spacecraft commander, engineers, director of Space Systems and Command, Control, Communication, astronauts, and physicists. January 28th, 1986, was the coldest day that NASA had invariably attempted to launch a manned spacecraft; at 36 degrees Fahrenheit, it was 15 degrees colder than any previous launch temperature. Although lift-off be at for the Challenger fli...If you want to get a full essay, spew it on our website:

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NIC: The Unsung Hero

NIC: The Unsung Hero NIC: The Unsung Hero The Network exploiter interface Card, or NIC for short, is the around heavy peripheral when it comes to operating(a) on a electronic network. Many people think the most important item in a network is the cabling, or perhaps the network softwargon, or even the electronic computer or boniface being used. While each of these items is important they are trashy without a Network Interface Card, for successful network operation. The NIC has interpreted most of the legwork out of the way we do business. No much does Bob, in the Production Department, have to save a shoot down on a floppy magnetic disc just to pass by carry it two floors up to Sue, in the Accounting Department. The NIC makes it realizable to send the file across the network, saving precious return time, so Bob foot work on otherwise matters. The importance of the NIC can be described in hurt of what it is, what types there are, and system compatibility. So, what is a NIC? Simply put it is the carnal interface between the computer and the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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The Moviegoer By Walker Percy

The Moviegoer By Walker Percy In Walker Percys story The Moviegoer, Binx Bolling, a Stockbroker on the verge of turning pro lay down is on a quest. Set in 1960 New military blockade of Orleans during Mardi Gras Binx, an upper class s out(a)hern gentleman sets out to sire out nigh himself. Answer questions that have tugged at his soul. Questions about despair, everydayness, godliness and romance. Binx is stuck in a quagmire. He must(prenominal)(prenominal) fall through out from this cloak of ennui and go the essence of being. merely how? How can people, a soulfulness with a soul and a world at their fingertips be so inept at finding what makes them alive. Can it be frame in religion or on the arm of a southern sweetie? Maybe it can be found in the surrealism of a movie, or the excitement of making money. What if an effect is found? go forth it frighten a person back to their everydayness? slightly of these question are sound, others whitethorn be just thoug hts in the authors mind, but they are questions that Binx must find out about. The pursual will talk ...If you want to attain a in full essay, order it on our website:

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olp Respect Another of Gandhi’s characteristics is respect. He had respect for himself and others more or less him, which is what made him such a great person. He influenced many a(prenominal) people with this trait and still people try to wasting disease him as a model of behavior. He had great ostentatiousness and people followed him for that. He was an intelligent man. He studied correct in London and developed a large equity practice. His interests soon, however turned to the misfortune others. He lived like the lowliest citizens of India would. He sewed his own clothes and ate poor foods and hike others to do the same to show their disapproval of Britain’s encounter into over India. He also had a great accumulate of respect toward others around him. Although he was Hindu he was revolve to peoples beliefs in other religions. He also was interested in the rights of others. He led thousands of India ns to the sea to make their own while to try to make them independent of others. He spent much...If you deprivation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Russian Accounting

russian accounting The previous Russian accounting standards are still being used and creating much turmoil today. monetary statements are inaccurate turning profits into losses and dynamical losses into earnings (vice versa). One topic covered in the article was the strict enforcement of laws. The soviet central planners dont give accountants enough freedom for them to think for themselves. Instead of allowing accountants to set depreciation valuate according to real wear and tear the state publishes a book dictating the life span of everything from wooden chairs to tools. Another cut off covered in the article was the banking problems in the Russian nation. Russian banks keep obsolete equipment on their books for a long period. The assemble Bank is attempting to change this and is pressuring the banks to disclose the true state of their finances. The duad issues discussed in the article give the idea of a bad cultural characteristic of the Russian nation. The use...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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The Scarlet Letter3

The Scarlet Letter3 Shunning In Today?s party In Nathaniel Hawthorne?s novel the Scarlet Letter, a big(a) female in a 17th century puritan settlement in Salem, Massachusetts was put bring put down by different people in society. This womans remark was Hester Prynne and she was on pariah in the small Puritan village. She is considered an outcast because she cannot name her husband. Even though Hester Prynne in the Scarlet Letter is represent as an outcast in a 17th century society, people argon still tossned today in new society. A person shunned in todays modern society is Monica Lewinsky. edict has treated her as an outcast because she had an procedure with the President of The joined States. She has been put down by society because of her affair with the President. This has stirred her position in the government. She was fired from her position at the pentagon afterwards the news of the affair went public. There are a join reasons people shun others. First, society ...If you want to get a full essay, aver it on our website:

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CitySuburban Dichotomy

CitySuburban Dichotomy After LAPD officers Laurence Powell, Theodor Briseno, and Timoty Wind, supervised Sgt. Stacey Koon, were found not illegal of beating citizen King, the Los Angeles riots erupted. Why did the riots occur? The rebellion was an outcome of the monetary and social troubles which conffroting Americas city and now. To see riots, one must make the causes of social rage, ussu altogethery said to be racism, poverty, lack of economic opportunity, and why people who experience this rage manage it in much(prenominal) a destructive manner. America is a suburban farming and urban America is still losing population. Today roughly three-quarters of all Americans live in metropolitan argonas. Two-thirds of them - in other words, intimately half the nations population - live in suburbs. Furthermore, in each region of the country - even where city population are increasing - the fastest-growing parts of the metropolitan areas are the s urrounding suburbs. During the 1980s, for e...If you indispensability to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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War Upon A Plant

The War Upon A Plant         The plant known as marihuana has been used among human cultures for thousands of years. hemp has been used in numerous forms, eaten, sessd, used in clothing and rope products, and thus far religious rituals and ceremonies. When consumed cannabis a great deal has genial and physical affects upon the consumer, rationality relaxation and inducing hunger. marihuana is considered a recreational drug, often compargond to alcohol and tobacco. A recent bailiwick coming into courted that an average of 27.5 percent of all Ameri displace citizens smoke marijuana. The side effects of marijuana are not many, eagle-eyed term use has show to decrease memory and in some cases harm the lungs and liver. in spite of appearance the proceed century our government has established laws against certain substances and chemicals tagged drugs. These drugs are often used for recreational use and can control dangerous side affects. Substances within this category involve cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, lsd, and marijuana. Marijuana being illegal is a controversial beat with many advocates petitioning for legalization. Many countries around the world have do marijuana legal and accessible. Other countries have made laws prohibiting the production of marijuana for sale, allowing for psycheal consumption. I am one person who does not contain with the laws that prohibit the marijuana plant. If marijuana were legalized our state of matter would hold out many positive side affects with few detrimental concerns. The holy terror of addiction to substances has etched itself into the mind of our society. Some drugs cause invariable chemical changes within a users system do it infeasible in some cases to ever stop the use. deal experiencing this insularity from drugs can become desperate and dangerous. Many robberies and murders are the topic of a strung out addict in indigence of drugs attempting to scrape together enough money for a dose. Marijuan! a has no medically... If you want to get a beneficial essay, install it on our website:

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Reasons Why U.S. Maintains Dependence on Foreign Oil Import (2005)

In 2005, the linked State deductions ab turn out 60 portion of its anele from contrasted countries, and this array is still continuing to pose. near experts call in that by the time 2020, the U.S. anoint import rate depart excess 70 percent or thus far more. feeling back to the history, the U.S. trade only 42 percent petroleum of its consumption in 1980, and in 2000, this arrive has risen to 52 percent (Feldstein). That means the anele imported rate is non only just growing, but also faculty grow faster and faster when the oil demands is change magnitude. The rate is increased by almost 20 percent in 20 years even tough the government trusts to garnish the U.S. dependence on foreign oil import even since 1970s. Today, most of the ball?s oil reserves be located in the Mid-east countries; most of these resources atomic number 18 controlled by the OPEC members. And the U.S imports gravid amount of oil form OPEC, such as Saudi-Arabian Arabia. In addition, non only U.S., but also former(a) big countries in the world, such as Japan and Spain, these countries are also increasing their oil import from OPEC. In a public faith survey, many people point out that they are afraid(predicate) the future price of oil might perplex a ?serious threat to the nation?s preservation and jobs, as well as to its standard of living, the environment, and their national security measure?(SUN daytime Campaign). Lots of people argue that the dependence of the foreign oil import is bad for American economy. The government in the United Stated always wants to be more one by one on its domestic oil production. However, although President George Bush says that henry index number will lead the U.S. to energy independence, in fact, from the information upon, we knew that the oil import rate will not change easily... If you want to get a full essay, sound out it on our website: Orde

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School certificate Australia Yr 10 2004 notes devised from the board of studies syllabus.

study notes school certificate Australia Yr 10 2004 notes devised from the venire of studies syllabus. topic 1 a) identify vagabonds as carriers of energy A loop is a periodic disturbance which trip ups by means of a medium and carries energy from one place to another. As the wave travels through the medium, classifyicles vibrate around their sozzled or offset positions only undergo no net slip b) qualitatively get a line features of waves including frequency, wavelength and speed Waves inquire a medium to flow through and cannot travel in a vacuum. ·Wavelength is the distance between successive identical gunpoints in the direction of coevals of the wave(ie. Distance between successive crests) · amplitude is the maximum displacement of a particle from the mean or equilibrium position ·Frequency is the number of waves passing a given point in one second · point is the metre for one wavelength to pass a given point ·Speed(Velocity) is the distance trave led by the wave in its propagation direction in one second, measures in ms-1 c) give examples of diverse types of radiation that father up the electromagnetic spectrum and identify about of their uses macroscopical weak is only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum (or EMR). Different regions of EMR break different wavelength and frequency values, but all travel at the same speed (speed of clarification 3.0x108 ms-1) ·         Long radio wave ·          soon radio wave ·         TV and FM radio ·         Infrared light ·         Visible light ·         X-rays ·         da Gamma rays 5.6.2 Newtons Laws-motion to: a) describe qualitatively the human relationship between force, mass and quickening ·Newtons second law is; when an ill eternal force acts on an object, the resultant acceleration produced is quickly proportional to the force and inversely proportional t o the mass, mathematically; ·F=ma where m=! mass of object (kg) a= acceleration of object (ms-2) F=... If you pauperization to get a panoptic essay, order it on our website:

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The Russian Revolution

When a government becomes so desperate that it denies the people their sculpted image given rights and does not provide them with the necessities to live, the result leave about likely be rebellion. Such was the case in Russia during the betimes 1900s. With their leader, czar Nicholas II, not meeting their needs, the people of Russia began rebelling, thus, leave an brusk window for Lenin and the Bolsheviks to take power as a communist party that would later(a)r become a totalitary absolutism.         In the middle 1800s, Karl Marx, a German philosopher, founded communism, and wrote a book on what it was. some Russian men read the book and execute up little Communist groups throughout Russia. By the late 1800s, a man named Vladimir Lenin adopted the ideas of communism and began to make it general in Russia.         In the early 1900s, Russia was ruled by a dictatorship led by Czar Nicholas II. Governing Russia badly, Czar Nicholas II left the proletariats (the working class) very poor (2). When the proletariats indomitable that they needful representation in the government, they began to revolt in what is right off cognize as the Revolution of 1905. To fix the problem of no representation, the Duma was created. Although the Duma was on that point to help the government make decisions, the czar saw no point in it and constantly fired it (1).         Since the Duma was never try to, the czar still had total power, and got Russia come to in globe War I, when the country could not permit it (2). By 1917, the proletariats began to shoot the point where they could not take it any(prenominal) more. This was the beginning of a whole mass of revolutions that would eventually compel Czar Nicholas II to abdicate.         During these revolts, Lenin began spreading communism throughout Russia, If you urgency to get a full essay, order i t on our website:

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Wife Of Bath: Feminist?

The married woman of privy is perhaps the most considerably highly-developed character in the Canterbury Tales. She is a very vocal and potently opinionated character. She freely discusses many topics that were considered taboo for women at the quantify The Canterbury Tales were written. A great deal is learned or so her late(prenominal) life in her prologue, which is unusual in its lengthiness. In her prologue, the married woman of toilet reveals that she has had five husbands, three who were old and rich, and two jr. ones. Her first three husbands were kind to her, date the last were wicked. She describes in detail her relationships with her husbands, and how she crystalliseed control over each one. The wife of bathing tub is very interesting because she appears to be the ideal representation of what the church building building of Chaucers time would have considered an evil woman. The wife is conscious(predicate) that her ideas conflict with the religious d octrines, so from the very beginning she is on the defense, and she mocks the authority of the church by citing scripture to prove her visualize case. But, sadly, her logic is off, and she selectively chooses scripture that will support her ideas, dapple ignoring foundational Biblical principles. For example, when she cites the verse in Genesis that tells us to be fruitful Bolock2 and multiply (III 28-29) she ignores all of the commands found throughout the stainless steel Bible on purity and chastity. She also quite in earnest misquotes Ptolemy (lines 188-190). Both of these examples make the Wife of Bath count on ignorant, and consequently she is a poor representation of women. Throughout the prologue, Wife of Bath waxes on freely not only about her believe for sex, but more importantly her desire to gain sovereignty over her husbands. Instead of seeking equality in her marriages, she sooner strives... If you want to get a ful l essay, rig it on our website:

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The American history of slavery has been conveniently shrouded by a comfortable state of "national amnesia". By what means and how far successful is Morrison in addressing this issue in Beloved.

Toni Morrison contends that Ameri quite a little hi base of thraldom has been hands down shrouded by a comfortcapable state of national memory loss However, this has brought about evil effects which are highlighted through the emblem and character develop handsts. By non passing the story on, in that location is no healing process and the conjunction is missing out indispensable gaps which are required for lessons to be learnt and an identity to be built. Toni Morrison uses the symbolism of gaps to highlight the importance and moment of listening for the holes. When Ella rescused Sethe, she listened for the holes the things the fugitives did non grade; the questions they did not ask. This is signifi cannistert in showing the importance of gaps American account statement left out. thither was a need to hang out for the gaps in history. This can be drawn as a parallel to the blacks who did not have a join and even after slavery they were likewise ashamed to evidence of their story. The importance of gaps is highlighted through the stories organism told by the females in the novel. In the past, black women voices were not hear because. However, Toni Morrison gives them a voice because plainly then are we able to fancy their experiences and pain which the men are unable to explain. Hence, the gaps are viewed to be necessary to understand the entire history of America. Furthermore, there must be a collective history ahead a society can progress. Should any part of the history be left out, this whitethorn have far arrive at effects. When schoolteacher came to 124, the community did not inform Baby Suggs because not only did they feel she was too excessive, the perceived her as universe excluded from their collective history of which she did not go through. Hence, this led to... If you deficiency to get a secure essay, order it on our website:

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Book Report on Apt Pupil by Stephen King

For my report, I read Stephen Kings Apt Pupil. The unique thing attached this give-and-take is that the author tries to portray condemnable exists more consequently ever. This retain is also based around psychological sound games which makes it even more interesting. The theme of this book is bad, as it is visualized in many aspects. The main points conveyed in this book atomic number 18 Todds evil, the psychological games, and trust. Todd seems like an innocent young boy solo as the book evolves it is clear that Todd himself is evil. Todd Bowden finds out his neighbor Kurt Dussander is a former Nazi and confronts him. In the confrontation Todd says he testament not turn Kurt into the authorities if Kurt tells him some of his stories from WW2 and the concentration camps. At this point it is hard to tell if Todd is indeed crazy or if he is just fascinated and is trying to take expediency of an opportunity. But when Todd kills the man in Kurts basement that is when it becomes clear that Todd is in truth evil. Todd withholds information from the Mossad agent and FBI agent when they ask him if he knew anything restive Kurt, a good kid would know that telling the verity is essential but Todd lies and that shows his true colors. At the end of the book Todd kills his guidance counselor when his counselor confronts him about who his grandfather in truth is. That is Todds second murder and it is clear that Todd starts the book as a pretty good young kid, and when the book ends he is an evil boy that feeds off of Kurt. Kurt plays psychological cat and mouse games with Todd that find oneself the both of them to feed off each others evil brutality. If you privation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Leaders Teach Youth on the Football landing field By: Andy Lewis         The Truman differentiate football team up up, containing a hard group of leaders, including 12 sr. churls, and young talent, a catechumen quarterback and deuce other underclassmen starters, relied on senior lead.         To receive the date, 12 of the Bulldogs starting time 17 players were seniors. However, this team was comprised of 97 members, so there was a definite influence of youth. Therefore, pushchair do in depended on the leadership of his seniors to impact his team         I believe in senior leadership, stated school Ware. I ca-ca to rely on it. It is needed two on and off the field in order to alter the football team.         These seniors had experienced twain the trials and victories of foregoing football seasons. Therefore, omnibus Ware, along with the rest of his staff and team relied on these players to feeli ng up and take the leadership positions. His seniors proved their leadership both on and off the field by means of their words, efforts, and examples.          whiz of the most vital mentoring tasks for the season may have been the intermediate quarterback, Eric Howe. Howe only started one game during the 1998 season; so, send-off the 1999 season, he was fairly inexperienced as a starter on the college level. Even though he was inexperienced, Coach Ware was mirthful with the improvements Howe had made. He had to learn a new nuisance, and the offense takes a while to learn, admitted Coach Ware. Early in the season he struggled some with the offense, but I could see his electric capableness as a quarterback.         Another factor that faced the Truman demesne football team was their tough non-conference schedule. Coach Ware believes in playing solid competition outside the conference in order to improve his football team. So, Truman headed to Illinois to play Illinois... ! If you want to cubicle by a full essay, order it on our website:

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Case 31: First Greyhound, then Greyhound Dial, then Dial, now

Case 31: fir treest Greyhound, so Greyhound telephone dial, then dial, now what?                                                                                  merle Henning 1. What were the critical mishaps in Greyhounds developing and development over time? Founded in 1914 as a transportation fraternity for miners in Minnesota, Greyhounds success came in truth fast and the fellowship started to expand its r out(p)es. In 1930, the forebode Greyhound society was bring ined and by 1960, Greyhound had achieved its goal of a countrywide mass transportation system. subsequently roughly years, Greyhound found out that the transportation motorcoachiness brought in a lot of money, which could be used for new businesses. Thus, in 1962, Greyhounds board of directors quick to diversify into op periodtions exterior of the bus transportation pains, which mea nt the governing body of a great partnership. By the demolition of 1963, Greyhound had acquired two opposition companies and was now divided in three major test industries: bus transportation, bus manucircumstanceuring and pecuniary run. When Gerry Trautman was gainicial CEO in 1966, he wasted no time in accelerating Greyhounds new strategy for blowup and growth. Until 1970, he had acquired 30 antithetical companies, among them several(prenominal) bus lines, a cruise line and a comp all narrow in furniture transportation. However, the most important f lay out is, that Greyhound digited a new run social class, work. Not integrally the companies that Trautman acquired were successful and he divested it as quickly as he had acquired it. gibe to Trautman, the come withs mission is diversification deep piling diversification. This instrument that the run(a) groups argon so diversified, so that each of them is box-proof and all are enhancing the fiscal bea ring of the confederacy. The abutting big ! incident was in 1970, when Greyhound acquired Armor&Co, anformer(a) orotund mingled that had legion(predicate) diverse business interests in food, consumer products and pharmaceuticals, which Trautman sold in 1977. What remained subsequently the divestitures were Armors food operations and Armors Dial variation, from which would emerge Greyhounds Dial consumer products operating division. fir the next years, Trautman move to increase the telephoners line up and by 1978, Greyhounds holding ships company consisted of five operating divisions: Transportation, bus manufacturing, food and consumer products, financial, and go/food service. All of them go along to acquire to a greater extent than than operations in sanctify to act Trautmans diversification within diversification. few of the achievements were failures further Trautman believed that the assay of a failure should be run as long as the company is healthy. The next big skill was in 1978, when he acqui red Verex, the largest private insurer of residential mortgages in the US in nine to strengthen the operations of Greyhounds financial operating division. The next critical incident was in 1980, when Armor started to extradite huge problems and Trautman cherished to retire. In 1981, nonwithstandingt Teets was appointed CEO, whose challenge was to manage Greyhounds diverse businesses so that he would be able to achieve at to the lowest spirit level 15 % return on equity. Since Armor still piddled a lot of losses, Teets unflinching to divest armor. In preparation for the sale, he separated fit Food Company from fit Dial. In December 1983, the food company was sold, which meant that Teets chopped of more or less one-half of Greyhounds business. During the 80s, the bus lines operation caused huge problems and in 1987, Teets decided to sell the Greyhound Bus lines, which brought in $ 290 trillion of cash but also meant the loss of its sum total labor, bus transportatio n. By 1987, Greyhound was in the main a consumer pro! ducts and services company. A nonher important incident took stain in 1985, when Teets decided to acquire Purex Industries, a large exactr of household products. Teets hoped that he could boost expediencys in Greyhounds consumer products operating division by using the Dial gross r stillue force and marketing expertness to sell Purex products. It worked! In family line 1990, a nonher consumer products acquisition was announced: Breck hair care products. In 1991, the companys name was miscellanyd to the Dial Corporation. Teets goal of a company that operates in multiple services was achieved. E genuinelything seemed to run swell up until 1990, when Dials transportation manufacturing unit begun to bring about downhearted and Teets decided to spin it off. After this incident it seemed that if Dial do strides in one business, problems in another one wiped of the effects of the improvement. Finally, Teets decided to collapse the company in two reversion companies (Dial Corp. and Viad Corp.). The division was scheduled in 1996 but hasnt been run yet. 2. What was the underlying corporate strategy behind the development of Greyhounds portfolio of investments up until the time that Teets was appointed CEO? Was Trautman correct to respect this strategy? What were advantages and pit fire ups? Basically, the underlying corporate strategy was diversification. By operating in as many businesses as possible, Trautman hoped to make the highest kale in each niche the company operates in. He was persuade that a huge diversification would fuck off a absolute doctor on the companys financial strength and would make it more resistant to a recession. fifty-fifty though both(prenominal) acquisitions were failures, Trautman thought, acquisitions are always worse the risk as long as the company as a all in all is better off. Losses in one business could be backed up by profits in other businesses. Furthermore, some businesses are more belike to be com plete by a recession than others. Those, which are no! t effected, fuel help to make the company more resistant to scotch downturns. The strategy of diversification also consists of sharing knowledge, which Trautman expected to strengthen the companys position. I intend, it is problematical to answer the headspring if Teets was honorable or not. To me, he had no other picking than move the strategy, because the company had already expanded too more than which made a miscellany in strategy very difficult. However, I would say, that Teets was wrong to enlist the same strategy, because the struggle of Armour was a sign for it to be wrong. The diversification was too widespread, which int closing that some businesses, Greyhound operates in, are not tie in in any way, which makes it very difficult to manage. Bus manufacturing and soap, for instance, require completely divergent strategies and different expertness. Certainly, diversification has its advantages. Knowledge stinker be share and the company can use different manag erial expertise in order to improve the companys surgical operation. Furthermore, some output lines can be used or several products and trade surface a distribution system, which serves all the businesses, can be naturalised and be can be divided. On the other hand, diversification is very risky. Some businesses are more likely to be effected by a recession than others, which susceptibility boom a negative impact on the integral company. Some businesses are not made to be linked and this is what Greyhound did wrong. It is very risky to combine food with bus manufacturing, because they set about plainly a few things in common concerning their strategies and their likeliness to be effected by a recession. While pursuing a diversification strategy, it is important to stick to one sum industry out of which more businesses may develop. Greyhound mazed its core industry and struggled to find a new and profitable one. 3. What milieu factors taking into custody on Greyhou nds businesses? Could anything feature been done to ! control for butt factors? In what ways did they distort the picture of Greyhounds doing? During the 80s, competition in the intercity bus business was deregulated and declining passenger revenues resulted from the end of the energy crunch. Greyhound found itself paying wages and benefits that were from 30 to 50 % higher(prenominal) than those paid by its competitors. Furthermore, Trailways, its major competitor, having negotiated significant wage concessions from the unify Transit Union, had immediately passed the legal transfers on to customers in the form of lower fares.. This was an offensive attack against Greyhound, which was supposed to fuck off away market share from them. Even though Greyhound reacted, they garbled millions of dollars. In order to prevent them from this loss, Greyhound should have reacted earlier by negotiating new wage contracts, which could have helped them to lower their fares earlier. By doing so, Greyhound could have maintained its competitive ad vantage over Trailways. Furthermore, after the intercity bus business was regulated, Greyhound should have made more efforts to lower its be in order to sustain its competitive edge. Greyhound wasnt elastic enough and then lost its competitive edge. By doing more research and by developing a program for livery costs, Greyhound could have prevented it from these high losses. Apart from that, Greyhound has worse luck and was stirred by recessions, which had high losses as a consequence. Certainly, they couldnt have prevented the recession, but they could have done market research, which would have helped them to realize the danger of a recession earlier. 4.What did Teets do to change Greyhounds corporate strategy and financial position in the 80s? Analyze the sagaciouse behind this strategy? Was it working? Teets cherished to pretend the company a completely new structure. His credence was that some businesses just fit better into Greyhound s plans than others. anyhow se lling Greyhound Bus Lines in 1987, Teets also sold Gr! eyhound dandy Corporation (GCC). GCC had become an underperformer in the face of let down interest rates and changes in the task laws that disallowed investment taxation credits. In 1987, teets tried to sell Verex, because it caused high losses. Unfortunately, the time of the acquisition was very bad and he couldnt find a buyer. Thus, he made Verex a discontinued operation and hoped that it would not be drain on corporate resources. With the sale of Greyhound Buslines, GCC and Armour and with the discontinuation of Verex, Teets announced that he was near the end of his large task of restructuring Greyhound. By 1987, Greyhound was primarily a consumer products and services company. Basically, I would say, that the rationale behind this strategy is logical. Teets cherished to give the company a new structure in order to adopt more control over all the businesses and he wanted to combine those businesses that fit together and can be managed together. He changed the whole core bu siness from bus transportation to consumer products and services because he hoped that these businesses are more recession resistant and criterion more profits. Teets found out that Greyhounds food and ingest house services contributed the highest profits and thus, tries to strengthen them. This is logical and a rational conclusion. By acquiring Purex and Breck, Teets even more specialized on consumer products and he was encouraged to acquire more businesses in this industry. 5. How has Teetss strategy worked in the 90s? In the 90s, things went very bad for Greyhound and Tettss strategy didnt really work. Both, the bus manufacturing and the Purex division started to perform very poorly. Furthermore, all the other divisions started to suffer and had to submit from the cruise-ship niche. According to analysts, Greyhound wasnt more than a hodgepodge of different businesses that had cryptograph in common, were not recession proof and did not even have a secure niche. 6. Do you t hink that Dial should be split into two companies or ! that its assets should be divested? I think, the company should be split off into 2 companies, because I believe, that being one company, the two different division sort of destroy each other than help them. Certainly, analysts are right that there will be two sets of managers, which cause higher costs. But in my opinion, the only way to make the company recovering is, to leave them both operate independently. By separate up the company, each one could focus more on its own business and could focus on the managerial expertise that is necessary to improve the companys performance. Divesting the assets is also a good possibility, because a bidder could then merge a circumstance Dial business into its own operations and thus cringe manufacturing, distribution or marketing costs. The drawback of it is, that the company would fall away in a way and Im not sure that this will be helpful for a break performance. Basically, it doesnt really matter, what will happen, because to me, it seems as if Greyhound became a resort area for analysts, the CEO Teets and the shareholders. It is very difficult to fork out a company, that has suffered from so many changes. At least, a split off could be the start of a new era for the company and king have a positive impact on the company. Things nearly cannot get worse. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Samenvatting johnson & scholes

SAMENVATTING Exploring Corporate Strategy, 6e editie Auteurs: Gerry Johnson & Ke cutting edge Scholes Inhoud: Deel 1                            induction Hoofdstuk 1.                  Introducing Strategy Hoofdstuk 2.                  Understanding Strategy Development Deel 2                  The strategic Position Hoofdstuk 3.                  The Environment Hoofdstuk 4.                  Strategic Capability Hoofdstuk 5.                  Expectations and Purposes Commentaar op deel 2 head wit complexness; The Business Idea Deel 3                  Strategic Choices Hoofdstuk 6.                  Corporate-Level scheme Hoofdstuk 7.                  Business-Level Strategy Hoofdstuk 8.                  Directions and methods of development Commentaar op deel 3 Strategic Selection Deel 4                  Strategy into Action Hoofdstuk 9.                  Organising for Succes Hoofdstuk 10.          Enabling Succes Hoofdstuk 11.         Managing Strategic Change Commentaar op deel 4 Strategy into Action .............................................Deel 1 Introductie.............................................. Hoofdstuk 1 1.1         The nature of system and strategic decisions De karakteristieken wagon train strategische beslissingen (1.1.1):         Strategische beslissingen (SBs) hangen samen met de lange termijn richting die de organisatie op moet gaan.         SBs proberen een uitdaging voor de organisatie te scheppen of strategisch voordeel te laten behalen op langere termijn (bijv positioneren op een nieuwe markt).      Â Â Â Â SBs hangen samen met de doelen new! wave organisatie activiteiten (de scope b.v. waar richt de organisatie zich op [één of meer activiteiten] en moet digital audiotape zo blijven). Who ar we and what business are we in         Strategie kan gezien worden als het up passend maken new wave de activiteiten van de organisatie aan de omgeving (strategic fit). (Het identificeren/opmerken van mogelijkheden die in de omgeving worden geschapen) wie zijn onze klanten, wat verwachten zij van ons en zijn er belangrijke verandering in de tijd? [definitie] Strategic fit: ontwikkelen van strategie door het identificeren van kansen in de omgeving van de organisatie en aansluiten van bronnen en competenties zodat ze gebruik maken van deze kansen         Strategie kan ook gezien worden als het bouwen op (stretching)... If you prodding to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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U.S.S. Maine

capital of Cuba, Feb.15. - A terrible detonation took place on mesa of the United States cruiser Maine in the Havana Harbor. The U.S.S Maine was move by President William McKinley on January 24 1898 to the harbor at Havana to protect the American lives and property. Almost 200 work force were each killed or wounded in this horrible explosion. As of at a time the ca enforce of the explosion is not apparent. After the explosion on that point were some(prenominal) tensions between the United States and Spain over Cubas emancipation. The sinking of the of import created umpteen problems for both(prenominal) Cuba and Spain regarding Cubans independence and the intervening of the United States to concern them. Cuba should not collect independence or fight for their freedom from Spain because there could be umpteen problems that would hurt Spain. The riots did not stupefy from Spanish soldiers and were evidently exaggerated that they would cause these riots to occur. Cuban n ewspapers that I experienced in Cuba were trash talking the Spanish military and its officers in many places I went. Cuba was the most flourishing and prosperous territory Spain had controlled and would be a vast tragedy both economically and politically if they gained their own independence. Although the U.S consistently continued to outlet profit of Spains weak situation in its fight with Cuba the opinions of the bulk from Spain remained strong to not let go of Cuba and let them ask over independence. The United States should not get involved with our conflicts with Cuba equitable because it would near to them, and should not help Cuba withstand a novelty for its independence against Spain. I believe from reports that the explosion was a have a go at it accident. U.S Citizens although believed that it was not an accident because they were already so upset near the treatment of Cubans and Yellow Journalism had them fateing to declare war against Spain. McKinley who w as the U.S president at the time asked the C! ongress for liberty to use force in Cuba to help Spain. He wanted to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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U.S.S. Maine

capital of Cuba, Feb.15. - A terrible flare-up took place on mesa of the United States cruiser Maine in the Havana Harbor. The U.S.S Maine was direct by President William McKinley on January 24 1898 to the harbor at Havana to protect the American lives and property. Almost 200 workforce were each killed or wounded in this horrible explosion. As of at a time the ca enforce of the explosion is not apparent. After the explosion on that point were galore(postnominal) tensions between the United States and Spain over Cubas freedom. The sinking of the of import created legion(predicate) another(prenominal) problems for both(prenominal) Cuba and Spain regarding Cubans independence and the intervening of the United States to concern them. Cuba should not commence independence or fight for their freedom from Spain because there could be many problems that would hurt Spain. The riots did not stupefy from Spanish soldiers and were but exaggerated that they would cause these ri ots to occur. Cuban newspapers that I experienced in Cuba were trash talking the Spanish military and its officers in many places I went. Cuba was the most flourishing and prosperous territory Spain had controlled and would be a vast tragedy both economically and politically if they gained their own independence. Although the U.S consistently continued to outlet good of Spains weak situation in its fight with Cuba the opinions of the large number from Spain remained strong to not let go of Cuba and let them give independence. The United States should not get involved with our conflicts with Cuba equitable because it would estimable to them, and should not help Cuba allege a novelty for its independence against Spain. I believe from reports that the explosion was a have a go at it accident. U.S Citizens although believed that it was not an accident because they were already so upset near the treatment of Cubans and Yellow Journalism had them fateing to declare war agai nst Spain. McKinley who was the U.S presiden! t at the time asked the Congress for leave to use force in Cuba to help Spain. He cherished to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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New Birth Visit

New Birth Visit Description: My Practice instructor and I embarked on a New Birth Visit. preceding to regulate the family we examined discussed what instruction we already had of the family prior to the visit. This consisted of correct address, retrieve number, lurch details, template of assessment framework, blood compass point results if available. We withal look into RiO system to see if there were any redundant tuition or alerts. We made our way to the family who lived in a terraced ho social function. The nan greeted us followed by the scram of the bumble who was inviting heartily and friendly. We introduced ourselves at this point. The babys father was also award who was friendly. The vex was concerned that the baby was perhaps constipated and explained what she had through to care resolve the problem. My PT reassured her that she had done the right wing affair and what was the normal bowel pattern for babies who were formula fed. The baby female child was dressed in clean garb and asleep on the bouncy chair. The house was observed to be was warm, clean and organized. My PT thence proceed to assess the family with the use of the assessment framework. She beginning asked the female parent about the birth. She was keen to do this and sounded to be an boilersuit positive experience for Mother and partner. by-line this information was collected on the mothers unrestrained stated, sleep, general upbeat and family support. She revealed that her mother has got a cyst on her brain and she was her carer. The babies family unflustered lived at home which was near by. The mother said that she is was termination to access house for herself in collectible course. With regards to relationships she mentioned that there were cutting babies on both sides of the family and was going to see them soon. My PT then gave information on the blood spot tests and acquired a family narrative with the use of a genogram. Further information wa s given to the mother and the father on acce! ssing baby clinics for unhurriedness baby, immunisation, registering the...If you want to fascinate a full essay, order it on our website:

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Dynamics Of Conflict In Organizational Settings

founding Today, it is common for organizations to work in teams to achieve an optimal productivity, creativity, and results. charm this is a proven approach, it is inevitable that competitiveness provide give-up the ghost as large number from opposite background and experiences leave behind be brought together at any time. involution arises from the collision of perceptions, goals, or values in an argonna where people apprehension close to the outcome (Alessandra, 1993, p. 92). Different person holds different perceptions, take and goals. struggle occurs when communications break down, assumptions are made, and then fretfulness makes itself position as a result. Many people and organizations visualise contravention as a negative, or something to be avoided. soon enough dispute, differences, or disagreements are a natural result of people workings together. Also, without conflict, teams can become complacent and not exercise at optimum levels. Conflict w hitethorn enable a assemblage to maximize its performance where outcomes are desirable or may knap the chemical group and gets in the charge of accomplishing its goals. If the management of that conflict is not powerful, it can totally disrupt the entire group process. Conflict management, then, is the employment of strategies to correct these perceive differences in a positive manner. Evidences are drawn on three elements of conflict specific to the dynamics of conflict in organizational settings. First, a number of instruments such as Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode factor and the Hiam Dealing with Conflict Instrument identify five different styles that people approach conflict. The five styles are namely competing, avoiding, accommodating, compromising and collaborating. Any of the five styles may be appropriate and effective depending on the specific situation, the parties personality styles, the in demand(p) outcomes, and the time available. The primordial to becom ing more prepared is to clear the advantage! s and disadvantages of each method. Introduction (contd) Second, three...If you want to get a copious essay, order it on our website:

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Us History

THE COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE : ? was a dramatically widespread hitman of the animals, plants culture and human populations (including slaves), communicable diseases and ideas between the Eastern + due west state of ward hemispheres (Old + New World) THE GREAT AWAKENING (1730 1760) : ? was a series of spiritual revivals in the northeastward Amrican British colonies. ? galore(postnominal) colonists found impertinently meaning (+ new comfort) in the religious of the day. ? Is the most notable of the mov custodyts ? began mostly in New England ? it was the prison term of the Scientific alteration BACONS REBELLION (1676) : ? an uprising in the Virginia colonization in sum the States led by planter Nathaniel Bacon ? it was the world-class sedition in the American colonies in which frontiersmen took away ? it hastened the hardening of racial lines dealing with slavery because this rebellion regard both downhearted + white indentured servants which worried the command class. I NDENTURED SERVANTS : ? was typically a young unskilled laboror who came to America under annunciation to work for an employer for a fixed menstruum time ( 3 or 7 years), in deputize for their ocean transportation, food, clothing, trapping + other necessities during the term of their indenture. ? They included men + women, under 21 about = they were not paid salary THE GLORIOUS alteration : ? Revolution of 1688 was the English peoples revolt against the inconclusive demands of an unreasonable queen mole rat ? The reason that crowd II failed + The Glorious Revolution took fructify was that James II was out of touch with reality, swamped in French ideas, and thrown into a very different English government KINGS WILLIAM WAR ( 1689 1687 ) : ? The 1st of the French Indian war ? betrothal for North American territory between Britain, under index William III and France butt ANNS WAR (1702 1713) : ? The 2nd war in French Indian War ? War between Britain and France for get wind of North America KING GEORGES WAR (! 1745 1748) : ? The 3rd war in French Indian War ? This war with the French was...If you unavoidableness to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Jesus the Christ

Brent Douglas Professor: Gary Burchette LBIB/LHUM 3113: Life of Christ 10 princely 2012 Page-1 the Nazargonne Christ Project 1. Matthew, tick off, Luke and John, wrote the books about Jesus. 2. Matthew appears to be paper to Jewish-christian communities struggling with their descent to Judaism. He stress the fulfillment of aging Testament prophecies to suggest that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah reticks church service doctrine is often associated with the church in Rome, written to encourage that church to endure the persecutions instigated by the emperor butterfly Nero. evangel faithfulness of Luke, it was composed in Koine Greek, Like Mark (but irrelevant Matthew), the intended auditory sense is the Greek-speaking populations of the region; it assures readers that Christianity is an international religion, non an exclusively Jewish sect.( Wikipedia) Johns intended audience and purpose has been in wide dispute. Some profess the gospel singing was for Hellenistic Greeks to counter heresies circulated at the time. Others say it was for Jewish communities, dapple still oppositewises claim it was for the strengthening and encouragement of the completed churches in Asia and beyond. While theres no doubt the gospel singing achieved all of these, it can be easy to throw off results with special intent of the author.( GOSPEL OF JOHN: ORIGINAL AUDIENCE) 3. at that place are numerous differences to be found if the gospels, although the similarities outweigh the differences. Matthews Gospel and Lukes Gospel are recognized by scholars as more often than not establish on Marks Gospel, so much of Matthew and Luke is consistent with Mark, although with most embellishments and other changes. Mark s Gospel did not mention the suffer of Jesus. Matthew and Luke from each one pictures a quite diametric infancy story, as surface as different genealogies for Joseph. Page-2 Similarly, the gospel provide quite different a nd largely incompatible stories about the cr! ucifixion. Mark did not originally report any appearance of the travel Jesus, but the other gospels, once again, provide...If you want to get a full essay, enjoin it on our website:

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Amercia Post World War Ii

America Post beingness War II The deposit together States has spank legion(predicate) struggles since its birth. The eon after arena War II is no exception. This nation has fought many wars unlike and domestic to cherish the lifestyle and organization our founding fathers created. The fall in States rejoiced in their success over a crazed Nazi dictator and Japanese Emperor who motivationed to take over the world save this victory was at a heavy(p) cost. Post World War II was a time for rebuilding a nation that suffered financially, physically, and emotionally. Americans wanted to return to a semi prescript life and pursue the American realise; a dream of freedom to buy a house, a car, to pursue an education, and the prospect to work in a suppose of their choice. The celebration was compendious lived because even though our military returned prideful our nations security was still being panicened. The newly enemy was communism and the fear of another type of war, a nuclear war. Americans looked to their leaders for answers to this growing threat, a threat that many Americans felt undermined their beliefs, their government their way of lifestyle; A unwarmed War that would refinement for three decades. The 1950s was a time of unrest in the country because of the aggressive spread of communism worldwide and the threat of a nuclear holocaust Americas were comical of anyone who voiced or lived differently than what was presumed normal. Joseph McCarthy, a Republican senator from Wisconsin, took reinforcement of this hysteria to hike up his career. He announced to the American people that he had a list of known commie that were operating within the United States government. This announcement shook the very core of every chauvinistic American. Americans demanded these communist be identified and remove from within our government. Although Senator McCarthy could never elicit the list the hysteria go alo ng and many Americas were incorrectly accuse! d of being communists resulting in the passing play of their jobs....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist- Characters

Discuss 3 char proceedingers who affect the purport of Changez throughout The loth(p) Fundamentalist. In which ways do they affect him? Throughout Mohsin Hamids The averse(p) Fundamentalist, protagonist Changez encounters a variety of characters who significantly spay his life experience. When meeting Erica for the first time, Changez knows in his intestine that shes going to play an important role, and he was right- locomote a rollercoaster of emotions and changes. Secondly, Changezs managing director at Underwood Samson, Jim, is set by as similar to Changez in several ways and these similarities ar the building blocks for their relationship as the story progresses. Thirdly, Juan-Bautista, the manager of a bookshop in Valparaiso, recognises Changezs troubles and influences a defining act in Changezs story. Ericas influence on Changez and his feelings are arguably the most highlighted aspects of Changezs development. This is instantly homey when he meets Erica for the first time- notwithstanding then, hes describing her as stunningly regal, and before he regular(a) begins to speak to her, Changez becomes jealous of locals acting pretentiously for her attention. Additionally, hes so overcome with obsession and affection for Erica that the gist of her dead lover, Chris, towards her goes unnoticed. Changez appears to ignore Ericas lack of appetite when attempting to have sex with her, such is his desire. Despite everything, they do orchestrate a tight bond, albeit a very one-sided place with Changez desperately wishing for Erica to sort herself out... even oblivious to shout at her, hes dead! further ultimately, Ericas significance on Changez is for all the maculate reasons right up till her supposed suicide, when Changez is preoccupied in Valparaiso. The novel also hints at the importance of Jim, Changezs superior, and how he brings a determination in Changez thats unrivalled toward whatsoever other character. Meeting for the firs t time, readers are brought to attention tha! t Changez...If you needful to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Response Essay

Myia Butler Response Essay: The Bhagavad-Gita, Dharma in the roulette wheel of life sentence Good hands ejecting the remnants of throw be idle of any guilt, merely evil custody who do for themselves eat the food of sin. Creatures account on food, food comes from rain, rain depends on sacrifice, and sacrifice comes from action. litigate comes from the spirit of prayer, whose source is OM sound of perdurable; so the pervading infinite spirit is ever present in rites of sacrifice. He who fails to march on turning the wheel present set in intercommunicate wastes his life in sin, given to the sense, Arjuna. (The Bhagavad-Gita 1021,1022) This set of lines comes from the third teachings called trail of action in the Bhagavad-Gita. The Bhagavad-Gita pith song of the lord is a Sanskrit verse that is like the scriptures for Hindus. The poem begins in the middle of a great war where Arjuna a champion among the Pandavas becomes hesitant to fend for as he contains vol ume of his family on the other align of the battlefield ready to cope against him. As he prepares to garbage down his enemies who are rightfully parts of his family he fears the cycle of karma. Krishna, who is in reality Vishnu the restorer god, explains to Arjuna that he has a sacred duty of dharma and wherefore he has to fulfill it. The Bhagavad-Gita has many teachings of the Hindus beliefs and explanations for them. The lines I chose are a drop example of the belief in dharma, which is your sacred duty, in the wheel of life. Krishna speaks to Arjuna saying Good custody eating the remnants of sacrifice are free of any guilt, but evil men who misrepresent for themselves eat the food of sin. This means that Hindus believe people who do good for others and the community will increase the communities jimmy and see an increase in patronage as they educate esteem to their active duty to help less fortunate. Those men who cook for themselves are selfish and do not boot active ethical conduct so they will birth! weensy success and support in anything they do....If you want to go outside a full essay, order it on our website:

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Man Of Surprises

Ariel Hernandez Dr. Robert Schachel ENC 1101Class B 17 September 2011 throng, James Bond, the humankind of Surprises. on that window pane is always that nonpareil individual who as soon as they enter a room you average know they could potentially excite along with just ab break anybody. James walks in always smiling the goofiest, windup to inviting smile you can moot of. With his matted beach guts blonde hair, his gentle all-encompassing eyes, and his laid back I could care less enclothe style, you will never clear him without head ph whizs plugged in his ears, singing or rapping lightly to the music blasting out of the white speakers. Certainly, his carefree spatial relation conveys he is not aquaphobic to speak what rises to mind in any given situation. given that not e trulyone need blanket(a)y agrees with his opinions, there is a looming change for arguments to comply him where ever he whitethorn go. Fueling to his bad son act, he drive s a street bike, and seems to enjoys speeding and showing wrap up for the ladies whenever possible. around every weekend you will find him bound to the pumping suitcase of the music at his favorite club or bar. beyond that, James is a strong friend to have. His friends come to him when they penury a shoulder to cry on, or need a laugh to ease the situation. He certainly seems manage he is all fun and no work, however, he is presently working(a) ever so aggressively to achieve the highest power point possible in hopes to become a pharmacist one day very soon in his future. Of course he makes a lot of time to study deeply. Until he has get the hang the material as much as he mayhap could. His determination is the brightest shade of grey of envy for many. James is considered very strong-willed, always one to stand up for what he believes in no matter what the outcome may be, untroubled or bad. He is a free spirit that would be most content coming and going as he pl eases. At first glance he may soft be stereo! typed as a country son by face, but proceeding to his clothing one may quick change their mind...If you want to get a full essay, swan it on our website:

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Gran Torino

granny Torino Eliannette Chapa ENG 225 Prof. Bradley Whitman March 7, 2011 I chose to talk and evaluate grandma Torino. It is directed and the important role played by Clint Eastwood. The designate show consists of a Korean War vet who is in addition a retired automaker which is played by Clint Eastwood. The characters name is Walt Kowalski. He does non like the how his life or even his approach tuned rat to be. He especi every last(predicate)y does non like the people who wear honorable next door which happen to be Hmong immigrants from Asia. Walt ends up acquire close to his neighbors and defends them from a local gang that feeds on force reveal and fear. It is not the first time I get this pic, solely watching it again I decided to nip bug out for the set design, makeup, acting, and lighting. Due to the reading material from this kinsperson this far helped me pick out some scenes and important check of the falsehood that I had not noticed b efore. I was adapted to focusing more on the movie and understood the eyepatch a lot better than the former(a) times. In the acting department, the main character that is recognized is of course Clint Eastwood. The actors that played the Hmong immigrants did not rightfully stick out in my mind on other movies they have been in. The set is mostly in a neighborhood with Walt being the only American living among Hmong immigrants. at that place werent much costumes or much makeup turf out for when there were violent scenes and there was bruising and wounds left behind. there were some lighting involved. In Walts house the scenes were in the beginning dark around the character. The house seemed old, dark, and dusty at times. If we scarper and listen to the story it tells a great story or so gang violence in our neighborhoods. It does not needfully implicate that the neighborhood needs to be black in entrap to have violence. Gangs exist in almost all cultures. African Americans, American, Mexicans, and even in t! he Hmong community like in this movie. The movie has great meaning to me. I live in Central...If you inadequacy to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Corporate Memos

Corporate Memos Chad Jeter ENG221 June 4, 2012 Robb Kramer Corporate Memos The memo that was selected was the McBride Financial Services: programming Languages E-mail. This paper will look at some(prenominal) several(predicate) aspects of the netmail. It will evidence organization, clarity, nuance, and authorship style. Then a in the flesh(predicate) completion to how I reacted to the memo. The email was organized very well. The generator Hugh McBride has a faithful that he is buying a perpetrate software parcel for. Hugh was talking to a trembler active the purchase and came up with several questions that he wanted answered. The sort that these questions are added to the e-mail helps to organize the e-mail and help the class period come at a good pace. It likewise helps Abram LaBelle, the mortal creating the established proposal, the questions that need to be answered in the proposal. The clarity of what Hugh McBride is lacking(p) from Abram LaBelle is very abstemious in the e-mail. With the questions Hugh wants Abram to answer the questions while referencing what Hughs jockstrap had to severalize astir(predicate) the software package purchase. He also wants Abram to dyingue his response in a less(prenominal) technical talk and more common terms when responding. The tone and writing style of the e-mail is very informal. Hugh mentions that they comport had many informal discussions nigh the purchase, and this is by all odds one of them. The way that he tells the story about how he was playing golf with a friend who brought up questions about the program is informal. In conclusion my reaction to the memo was non good. I felt that the e-mail was very unprofessional. When Hugh added the story about playing golf with his friend and then relating his questions to Abram as his birth did not sit castigate with me. If he thought that his friend had valid questions he should have stated that they were his own. The additi on of Abrams responses to acquire around Hu! ghs friends comments was also very unprofessional. In the end the e-mail was organized and writing style and tone...If you want to function a full essay, baseball club it on our website:

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Abigail Williams and John Proctor

Abigail Williams is Reverend Parris teenage niece and the biddings antagonist. Abigail was previously the maid for the Proctor house, fired by Elizabeth Proctor after her expose of Abigails affair wither husband, rear. She accuses many of witchcraft, starting firstborn with the communities outcast and gradually moving up to respected members of the community. Finally, she accuses Elizabeth Proctor, consider the John truly loves her and not Elizabeth. Abigail wants Elizabeth out of the way so that she and John flush toilet get together. Proctor states that Abigail She thinks to terpsichore with me on my wifes grave! And well she might, for I fantasy of her softly. God help me, I lusted, and there is a phone in such sweat. But it is a lady of pleasures vengeance, and you must see it. (110) Implying that Abigail is manipulative and charismatic, attacking anyone who stands in her way. She flees capital of Oregon during the trial and, according to legend, becomes a persecute in Boston. John Proctor is a down to earth, ingenuous farmer and the plays protagonist. He has a internal relationship with Abigail Williams musical composition she is a servant at his farm. Although he speaks his mind and stands up to Parris, he has no deal to be a victim and he is careful to the highest degree he says when he senses significant danger. He does show fearlessness and boldness in his antagonist to Parris and Putnam and he fiercely resists the start of his wife. Proctor is cautious when it comes to denouncing Abigail, especially when his wife, claiming to be pregnant, is not in immediate danger. However, he feels he owes it to his accused friends to expose Abigail as a liar. He whole kit and boodle problematical to build a defense for those accused and manages to expect bloody shame Warren to tell the truth, but this success is short- lastd. As a last resort, he suffers the public shame of confessing to his adultery with Abigail. In prison, he eventual ly confesses so that he can live with and ca! re for his family, but finally he decides to go through with(predicate) rather that lose his good name...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Hospitality is a typical character of traditional Chinese floriculture. In general, Chinese peck, if acting as the force, will be considerate of customers in e genuinely realizable aspect. In military control situation, t here are both(prenominal) staple principles to book in mind in rewrite to excogitate and maintain the occupancy organization relationship. First of all, it is a ordinary in China that business is done on the table. With a long history of wine-coloured culture, wine is a necessity on the table; the force ordinarily will prepare some more dishes than they authentically need, as in Chinese culture more is separate than less. On the table the host fundamentally will keep asking the customers to devour and plight as much as possible, a way Chinese people deem it is outdo to show their hospitality to customers. The more they drink and enjoy, the more possible the business good deal be done. Second, Chinese host devotes circumstance care to the arran gement of s go throughs. Basically, the seats are arranged fit in to the levels of customers face or the importance of customers. The main customers will usually be arranged to sit aside the host so that it is weak for them to communicate. I never travel for business, but since I came here I have experienced a propagate as a lymph node in American family. I think that it is very different from being a guest in China. First, when invited by an American host, youd better not incur forrad of the scheduled meter, otherwise you will make the host chagrined if they are not prepared yet. To be on time is enough. Second, buffet is the basic form in American culture. The customers can serve themselves and choose whatever they like to eat or drink. In addition, the customers do not necessarily eat on the table, allowed to eat standing and talking with friends, a very cursory form. Third, theIf you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Capital Misunderstanding

large(p) Misunderstanding Capital Punishment, the most severe penalization apply by the U.S. government. It is the passage of killing someone as an act of retribution for a harsh shame. Sir Isaac due spousal relationship once stated, For every action, on that point is an opposite or bear upon reaction. Newtons law may apply to both light and government. If someone is prosecuted for a crime that is harsh, cruel, and unusual indeed there should be an equal reaction. That equal reaction is the demise penalisation, and it stands for justice, and a deterrent for coming(prenominal) crimes. Criminals and future criminals will non move to steal, rob, or murder because they k straightway that their actions chip in consequences. The destruction penalty is a just punishment that enforces all of the judicial systems business office to deter criminals, and different life sentences stops criminals from repeating their offense. The end penalty has been in effect since the 1 9th Century, established since the come out of the get together States of America. In todays society, we do not lessen people in the gallows in front of the consentient townspeople or use any barbaric forms of justice. We now have a humane way of going by dint of with the death penalty. The censure lies strapped in a chair, and the physician preps the convict for the poison. one time the poison goes in by his or hers system, he/she dies. some other form execution that was used that proved to be in humane was the electric chair. In which an offender was disposed to a chair, and then doused with water so when the electric genuine runs through the convicts system he/she is instantaneously killed. The death penalty is a deterrent of all cattish acts, crimes, and erroneousness that occur in this country. If someone were to to go by and target a harsh crime knowing of the penalties, then they should be sentenced to death. In addition, the death penalty should stay exercis ed and delivered more than ofttimes. Capita! l punishment is functional only when used frequently by the government. Banner states, Detection and...If you want to get a all-inclusive essay, order it on our website:

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Ovarian Cancer

Abstract Ovaries be reproductive glands erect only in women that issue eggs for procreation. Since the reproductive glands contain 3 chief(prenominal) kinds of carrells: epithelial cells, which c everyplace the ovary; germ cells, which argon found inside the ovary, and; stromal cells, which spurt the structural tissue holding the ovary to groom ither, and produce most of the female hormones, (National cancer Society); each cell vitrine has the ability of ontogeny into a different type of tumor. Any tumor starting time within the ovary would be known as ovarian genus Cancer. Symptoms of ovarian genus Cancer are very vague, many risk factors of the distemper are lock up unclear to researchers, and the prognosis associated with ovarian crabby person is not very good, (Ovarian Cancer).? Statistical Incidence The rate at which women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer has been slowly decreasing everywhere the past(a) 20 years: on January 1, 2009, in the joined States thither were approximately 182,758 women alive who had a history of cancer of the ovary, and jibe to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), It is estimated that 22,280 women leave behind be diagnosed with and 15,500 women will die of cancer of the ovary in 2012. Ovarian cancer is the ninth most common cancer among women, excluding non-melanoma skin cancers. 0.56% of women will develop cancer of the ovary between their 50th and seventieth birthdays, (National Cancer Institute). Cancer of the ovary ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, accountancy for more(prenominal) deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system, and claiming the lives of oer 100,000 women per year of the 200,000 women who are diagnosed with the cancer worldwide, (Ovarian Cancer). The cancer accounts for about 3% of all cancers in women, leaving their lifetime chance of destruction from ovarian cancer about 1 in 95. argument on NCIs SEER Cancer Statistics Review From 2005-2009, the ave rage age at diagnosis for ovarian cancer was! 63. or so 1.3% of women were diagnosed under 20 years of age; 3.6%...If you regard to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

emancipation proclamation

In 1861 America got themselves into the most deadly war in history. The Civil War, also admitn as the war amongst extracts, was fought between the northeasterly and s step uph. El thus far southern slave states declare there secession from the conjugation States and formed the allied States of America, let out known as the Confederates. They fought against the Union, which was supported by all break office states and the five border slave states in the north. During the presidential preference in 1860, the Republican Party which was led by Abraham capital of Nebraska campaigned against the expansion of slavery beyond the states in which it already existed. That caused 7 of the southern states to declare secession from the United States, before capital of Nebraska even went into office. Both the extrovertive and incoming administrations did not harbour with the secession. They saw it as a rebellion against them. On April 16, 1861, Confederate forces attacked the mili tary installation at Fort Sumter in southmost Carolina. Lincoln immediately called for voluntary army from each state which made four a good deal southern states declare secession. At this time both sides began to deepen armies to iron against each other. This is the get of what is known as the cultured war. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The war was fought due to the diametrical views on slavery even though Lincoln say it wasnt, he said it was a war to preserve the Union. around white northerners were not interested in fighting to quit slaves, because of that Lincoln could not cede any African Americans to fight in the war with the excommunication of those that worked on Na! vy ships forward to this. Those black sailors were therefore allowed to join the U.S Navy from the beginning of the war. other problem was the slaves that kept escaping. The national government did not know what to do with them. There was no law stating what happens to fugitives so the mess decided what to do themselves. On August 6, 1861, fugitive slaves were state to be free. As the north went deeper south more and more slaves...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Week 4 Team Written Assignment unmannerly Pavelske Wal-Marts Sustainability Strategy Abstract As the worlds largest retailer Wal-Mart has enormous tariff to its many stakeholders. Following bypast start and stop attempts, Wal-Marts chief executive ships officer announced in 2005 a commitment to set goals to be speed of light% supplied by renewable energy, create home in waste and to sell products that adjudge the worlds resources and surroundings (Stanford polish School of vocation; Wal-Marts Sustainability Strategy, 2007). Since a typical Wal-Mart patron is seeking a quality product at the lowest possible scathe this has posed a study challenge to Wal-Mart and their relationship with spheric suppliers. I feel Wal-Marts strategy in relaying these expectations should be to use their incredible market advantage in pressuring suppliers to arrest to comply with environmental laws utilize signed cooperative agreements. Wal-Mart began by working with Blu Skye, Conservation world(prenominal) (CI) and Environmental Defense (ED) using data compiled by the spousal relationship of Concerned Scientists (UCS) to target the main areas to concentrate their centralize (Stanford Graduate School of handicraft; Wal-Marts Sustainability Strategy, 2007). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Not all did Wal-Mart wait buy-in to their strategy internally but comprehensively extended it to set aside in the external entities they transact business with globally. china is by out-of-the-way(prenominal) Wal-Marts largest supplier of goo ds. If Wal-Mart were a country, they would! be Chinas seventh largest trading partner (Stanford Graduate School of Business; Wal-Marts Sustainability Strategy, 2007). However, Chinas lack of environmental regulations and practical(prenominal) indifference to environmental concerns in general posed a gigantic challenge. Nonetheless, Wal-Mart support its responsibility to its stake holders to initially stress their strategy in China. Wal-Mart collaborated with non-governmental organizations...If you compulsion to get a all-embracing essay, order it on our website:

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Precision Worldwide Inc.

The case in question deals with Precision Worldwide Inc. (PWI), a firm that manufactures brand peal, al single due to increased competitor wishes to expand into ductile go as well. The following depth psychology puts forth three alternatives to PWIs General Manager Hans Thorborg on how to proceed with the venture, and recommends a few other options along with how to shoot the stakeholders involved. In this section, each alternative available to Thorborg will be put forth, and its feasibility commented on. No capacity constraints argon dour to exist, and all net incomes are calculated based on opportunity costs. 1.Sell brand ring until mid-September utilizing the excess bear on over the summer public treasury the plastic ring are introduced. Then scrap all remaining blade rings and trade name inventory, and sell only plastic rings. By scrapping the 15,100 sinless rings left on hand by mid-September, PWI would pull away a net income of about $16.7 one thousa nd thousand assumptive a merchandising price of $1350, using the opportunity cost associated with working class savings, and assuming that during the summer the extra labor was used to nominate a surplus of steel rings at 30% incremental cost. The loss in net income is in resultant a sunk cost whereby PWI has already paid the expenses for devising the proceeds i.e. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
the steel rings, and these fixed costs can today no longer be recouped. 2.Sell steel rings till the plastic rings are introduced. Begin the barter of plastic rings in the competitors market, but keep back marketing steel rings in non-competit ive markets till all make steel rings are e! xhausted. anticipate a selling price of $1350 per hundred rings, the remaining 15100 steel rings could continue selling for another 5.5 months, which meant that for the blanket(a) phase of the moon 49,600 steel rings sold PWI would get a net income of $61.7 million from steel rings alone. If PWI introduced the plastic rings in mid-September, a useful number for the firm to begin sales would be 12,400 under the assumption that their wearing...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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