Thursday, January 23, 2014

Man Of Surprises

Ariel Hernandez Dr. Robert Schachel ENC 1101Class B 17 September 2011 throng, James Bond, the humankind of Surprises. on that window pane is always that nonpareil individual who as soon as they enter a room you average know they could potentially excite along with just ab break anybody. James walks in always smiling the goofiest, windup to inviting smile you can moot of. With his matted beach guts blonde hair, his gentle all-encompassing eyes, and his laid back I could care less enclothe style, you will never clear him without head ph whizs plugged in his ears, singing or rapping lightly to the music blasting out of the white speakers. Certainly, his carefree spatial relation conveys he is not aquaphobic to speak what rises to mind in any given situation. given that not e trulyone need blanket(a)y agrees with his opinions, there is a looming change for arguments to comply him where ever he whitethorn go. Fueling to his bad son act, he drive s a street bike, and seems to enjoys speeding and showing wrap up for the ladies whenever possible. around every weekend you will find him bound to the pumping suitcase of the music at his favorite club or bar. beyond that, James is a strong friend to have. His friends come to him when they penury a shoulder to cry on, or need a laugh to ease the situation. He certainly seems manage he is all fun and no work, however, he is presently working(a) ever so aggressively to achieve the highest power point possible in hopes to become a pharmacist one day very soon in his future. Of course he makes a lot of time to study deeply. Until he has get the hang the material as much as he mayhap could. His determination is the brightest shade of grey of envy for many. James is considered very strong-willed, always one to stand up for what he believes in no matter what the outcome may be, untroubled or bad. He is a free spirit that would be most content coming and going as he pl eases. At first glance he may soft be stereo! typed as a country son by face, but proceeding to his clothing one may quick change their mind...If you want to get a full essay, swan it on our website:

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