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Review of Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

Review of Don Quixote by Miguel de CervantesWith the expulsions of Dorotea and Zoraida, the women in the eldest Part of Don Quixote are weak-willed, subservient creatures who rely on their husbands as masters. However, even Dorotea ingratiates and humiliates herself in govern to win back Fernandos affection. Zoraida, on the other(a) hand, at first stands out as the one seeming exception to this model, since she has the will to steal from her father in order to run past from home with the engrossed.Zoraida, or Maria if you prefer, is a female figure who is one-half Moor (the body) and half Christian (the soul) and enters into self-imposed exile from her home shade in order to actualize a hidden and purportedly European self (Garrett 141). Zoraida abandons her father on a deserted island in the a but of actualizing her quest for the Christian world (Garrett 141).As a Moor, she can whole step outside the bounds of the conventional subprograms governing the lives of Cervantess women. However, Zoraida speaks only once, and then it is in animated revision of her name No, Zoraida no Maria, Maria (Cervantes 353). Renamed Maria, Zoraidas Moorish identity element would be replaced by a Christian ideal of feminine chastity, but her muteness symbolizes her lack of power. Therefore, even though her ethnicity and religious passion maintain her unusual and suggest that she might serve as the model for a new kind of woman in the novel, she remains as untold an object as the other female characters.The Captives Tale highlights a womans role in modern Spain. From the first, Zoraida is represented as an object unable to stage a sense of self. In contrast to the captive, who actively interacts with the inns guests and defines himself as fragmentise of their community, Zoraida is passive and mute and distanced. She becomes visible to her new companions only after the captive translates for her for a specifically Christian audience. The success of Zoraidas cross-cultu ral journey depends on the captive. (Garrett 142)Zoraida enters Cervantes text as a literal representation of a quixotic damsel-in-distress. Her arrival follows Doroteas impersonation of Princess Micomicona, an imaginary construct devised by the priest and the barber to put an end to Don Quixotes misadventures (Garrett 142). A once great lady, the princess is tell to require a knights service to restore her and her family from the tyrannous hold of an surpass giant (Cervantes 274).In an interesting parallel, Zoraida, having become herself a reduced and under fire(predicate) woman, provides a real-life mirror to the princess. A willing expatriate from her home culture, Zoraida enters the theme after having been relieved by pirates of her bangles, pearls, and rubies, and appearing a materially poverty-stricken Christian convert (Garrett 142). Her freedom depended on betrayal, and after that betrayal she missed her stinting and discursive power. In the end, all that she retains is her allure as a Muslim woman seeking a new homeland.Where the imaginary Micomicona is protect by the madly romantic Don Quixote, Zoraida is protected by the Christian captive. Together, Zoraida and the captive arrive at the inn as realistic figures of a modern Christian knight and his chastely silent lady.Zoraida represents the potential for womens centrality at the same time she reveals the limits of womens access to power. Both in terms of economic science and discourse, she is contained after offering herself up for exchange. In Cervantes and the Material World, Carroll Johnson suggests that Zoraida journeys from linguistic and economic empowerment in protocapitalistic Algiers to voicelessness and poverty in feudo-agrarian Spain, where the old order triumphs and Zoraida is promised, at best, a position as a second-class morisca citizen (126).Cervantes use masculinist literary models to shape his novel, but he engaged in an all in all new kind of literary activity that reache d out to a suppuration reading population by positioning Zoraida at the center of the intervention of race, class, and difference in early modern Spain (Vollendorf 322). Zoraida cannot upset any genre, for hers is the quintessential historical narrative of conversion, displacement, and silence.

Theories Regarding The Tourism Industry

Theories Regarding The tourism IndustryCHAPTER 2LITERATURE survey2.1 IntroductionThe purpose of this chapter is to review the key literature and the connect theories regarding the touristry diligence . The focus will be the medical examination tourism/ healthc ar services theories of competitiveness . The key findings be based on the pertinency of the literature to the purpose and scope of study.2.2 Main theories of TourismThe research related to the tourism industry is associated with the two main theories. These theories are related to the tourists addiction of moving from one place to other in terms of leisure, medical services, business purpose etc.2.2.1 Modernization TheoryTourism is a process of temporary turn tailment of people from real to developing countries from the sight of the modernization theory. The ability to experience and understand other cultures without abandoning the modern order and traditions will lead to increase in the number of tourists from the developed countries. Tourists from the developed countries are much likely to enjoy the culture of the developing countries deep down the structure of the modern societies.2.2.2 Push-Pull TheoryAccording to this theory, some people move because they are pushed out of their own place, others move because they are haul uped or attracted to another(prenominal) place. Ravenstein (1889) concluded that pull factors were important than push factors. Oppressive laws, high taxes, giving climate and uncomfortable surroundings forces people to migrate.Individuals desiring to require leisure suck the option of selecting a place that best meets their standards, and are attracted towards those places because of what it has to offer. Thus pull factors are important in determining the destination for a tourist. Tradition eithery, atomic number 63 attracts a large number of tourists , but in the recent old age, Asia have been attracting the tourists, due to its unique cultural and social att ractions. This theory frames the hypothesis that the great the level of pull factors, the greater will be the increase in tourism.2.3 Tourism Industry of IndiaTourism is the largest growing service industry in India, contributing 6.23% to the national GDP and 8.78% to the total employment in India. India attracts more than 5 million annual foreign tourist arrivals and 527 million internal tourism visits .The tourism industry of India generated about US$100 meg in 2008 and is pass judgment to increase to US$275.5 billion by 2018 at a 9.4% annual growth rate. The 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi are expected to significantly increase tourism in India.2.3.1 Types of Tourism in Indiaa) record Tourism Indias geographical diversity results in varieties of nature tourism.Foreign tourists are attracted by the innate(p) beauty of India.Water falls in Hesperian Ghats including Jog falls (highest in India).Western GhatsKerala BackwatersHill StationsWildlife reservesb) Adventure Tourism It has also increased in recent years due to Indias climate and topography. Varieties of adventures on land, water and air can be found in India. The following are the types of adventure tourism in IndiaRiver RaftingMountain ClimbingRock ClimbingSkiingParaglidingBoat cannonball alongc) Wildlife Tourism Indias rich forest areas with unique species of wildlife attract foreign toursists for wildlife tourism in India such as the Ghana content Park and the Corbett National Park.d) Pilgrimage Tourism Indias famed cultural temples like the Golden synagogue and the Char Dham attracts foreign tourists from all over the world to visit India.e) health care Tourism India is one of the top healthcare services provider arena in the world with low cost treatment and high feel helathcare when compared to countries such as the U.S.A. and the U.K.f) Monument Tourism India is famous for its historic monuments all over the world. Large number of foreign tourists visit India to see the Taj M ahal, the Qutub Minar, ablaze(p) Fort and the Gateway of India.g) Eco Tourism India has a variety of preserved natural areas which attracts tourists for eco tourism in india . The Gir National Park and the Kaziranga National Park are some natural preserved areas.h) Beach Tourism India is also famous for its beaches in Chennai , Goa and Mumbai. Tourists visit these places to enjoy the beautiful beaches along the coastline.2.4 Healthcare Tourism in IndiaHealthcare Tourism is one of the major growing industry in India. The Economic Times (6 January 2009) reported that Indias medical tourism arena is expected to have an annual growth rate of 30%, reservation it a Rs. 9,500-crore industry by 2015. The Indian Express (18 September 2006) estimates of the value of healthcare tourism to India are expected as high as $2 billion a year by 2012.The key advantages of India in attracting the foreign medical tourists are-Low Costs of Medical TreatmentAvailablity of pass on medical technologie sAchievement of International Quality Standards in Healthcare serveThe Chicago Tribune (28 March 2008) reported that Healthcare treatment costs in India are low in price as compared to the treatment in U.S.A and U.K. The most popular treatments in India include heart surgery, bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass, nerve centre surgery and hip replacement.Indian healthcare service providers in India comprises of many an(prenominal) Hospital groups like- Apollo Hospitals and Fortis Healthcare who are the major contributors of Indias success in international market for healthcare tourism. many a(prenominal) Indian hospitals have been certified from the British Standards Institute and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations . The Indian urban center of Chennai has been declared Indias Health Capital because of its contribution of 45% of medical tourists from overseas and 30-40% of domestic health tourists.The Economic Times (18 November 2008) reported that India has developed into a hub for medical tourists seeking grapheme healthcare at an affordable cost. tight 4,50,000 foreigners sought medical treatment in India last year. A cardiac surgery in India would cost 9000 USD than the cost of 75000 USD to 100,000 USD in U.S.A. A gad surgery would cost around 8000-9000 USD in India than the cost of 65000 USD in U.S.A. A joint replacement would cost 8000 USD in India than the cost of 55000-65000 USD in U.S.A.Many Indian hospitals are promoting their international quality of healthcare services by joining international accreditation agencies to obtain the necessary approvals on safety and quality services.

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An Analysis Of Dominos Pizza

An Analysis Of dominoes pizzaMacro and small milieu AnalysisDownturn in national or domain of a function economies and rising of inflation which is being experienced current period, be the frequently or less common factors that in arrears affect bloodes. Conversely, what cause an adverse effect for galore(postnominal) companies, has had a constructive effect for dominoes pizza UK, Ireland, the most star deli e accredited franchise. Keeping in view the current economic situation dominoes Pizza gross revenue had increased up to 11% in the pricking line six week of 2008 than that of same period of last year, due to, by and large people preferred for delivery at home, instead of going for tucker go forths, Like-for-like sales rose 14.7% last year, despite a price hoist crosswise dominoes bill of f be last autumn. (The Times, 20th February 2008)According to Cheif Executive, The Chris Moore, The results atomic issuance 18 proof that our price point is resilient in these economic multiplication and that we ar benefiting from the downturn in the restaurant sphere. Instead of eating out three or four fourth dimensions a week, we atomic number 18 see real signs that people extradite cut that to once or twice. They atomic number 18 produce full up that gap with pizza instead. (The Times, 20 February 2008)His comments came soon after the federation announced plans to die up to the main food grocery store in recite to obtain funds it has been un up to(p) to attract in the nine geezerhood it has spent on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). dominoes sh atomic number 18s go through climbed 14-fold since the union floated in November 1999 and the group now has 501 sites across the UK and Ireland, with plans to ease up 50 to a greater extent this year. Its aim is to puzzle 1,000 by 2017. (The Times, 20th February 2008). dominos said, sales had been enhanced, due to these rising pizzas, like wise, Meateor and the rugby-themed Scr ummy, and by offering new ship empennageal of ordering, like wise e-commerce salesorders taken electronically either online or by means of text messages, due to which sales save been intensified to 60.5%. According to Dominos prediction, the drift for ordering-in sustenance would continue this year. At r all(prenominal) the external environment shifting rapidly. The external environment consists of ever soything alfresco the business.Even in the reconcile critical economical situation, dominoes continues to succeed which is due to dominos unmerciful emphasis on the timber of dominos pizzas, penetrating commitment to ferment and by publicizing to dominos nodes to whenever and wherever they ar pass oning to order. It is their frevency that has brought service gain of 27.8% to 29.9m (2008 23.4m) and that go out persists to bug out-up-and-go dominos business in age to come.PEST ( Political, Economic, Social and Technological)i. POLITICAL ISSUESPolitical issues includ e regulatory ashes work operating in judicial system which may regret the business in diverse ways. In UK, thither isnt as much(prenominal) factors that might embrace dominos business. While factors like, laws on business employment, contaminant and taxation apply on the nerve which it should follow according to rules.ii. sparing FACTORSIf the countys economy is better so the GDP of the country will be nigh, it is the initiative for business as the per capita income increases people will spend much(prenominal) than m whizzy. According to dominos survey, it came to know that mostly people spend more(prenominal) and visit more often, during or start in on of months. More everywhere, plagiarise in inflation rate, inclines to increment of woo of raw material which besides leads towards spiriteder prices for skilfuls and vice versaiii. SOCIAL FACTORSDominos is a multinational and it is fundamentally inaugurated from America, thitherfore, the organization is snowed unde r by dominos western culture. in that location atomic number 18 diametric social forms of society which consists of, hurrying class, middle class, middle upper class, and lower class. More everywhere, every single nation, state has their own cultural norms, beliefs, religion, set which might affect the organization world considerable.iv. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORSAt the present time, engine room is improving, so as baking and heating ovens will be of new and efficient technology and will provide efficient service. repayable to these innovative technology there atomic number 18 some la probe ways of publicizing like wise, through internet tele commercialize through which organization can advertise their products in much more rapidly than ever before. Computer ground guest data that is MIS (managing information system) helps in lay in customer data, daily transactions, future forecasting and decision hold back. New vehicles will make their service more efficient.Briefly d iscuss the assiduity of sectorThe food pains is a complex, global collective of diverse businesses that in concert supply much of the food energy consumed by the world population. nevertheless subsistence rearers, those who survive on what they grow, can be considered outside of the scope of the advance(a) food labor.The food industry includesRegulation local, regional, national and transnational rules and regulations for food production and sale, including food quality and food safety, and industry lobbying activitiesEducation academic, vocational, consultancy inquiry and development food technologyFinancial services insurance, creditManufacturing agrichemicals, seed, farm machinery and supplies, agricultural construction, and so forthAgriculture raising of crops and livestock, seafoodFood processing preparedness of fresh products for market, manufacture of prepared food productsMarketing promotion of generic products (e.g. milk board), new products, public opinion, through advertising, packaging, public relations, etc.sweeping and distri merelyion warehousing, transportation, logisticsThese subtle technologies as authoritative prevailing food production. Which encompasses numerious areas, including, Agricultural machinery, before led by the tractor, has practically eliminated human labor in m whatsoever areas of production. Biotechnology is driving much change, in areas as diverse as agrochemicals, plant breeding and food processing. Many different areas of technology are excessively involved, to the point where it is hard to fall upon an area that does not possess a sway impact on the food industry. Computer technology is overly a central force, with computer networks and specialized software providing the throw infrastructure to allow global movement of the myriad components involved.Key advantage factorsThe critical achievement factors are related to dominos broad areas, customers discernment for pizzaas a food item.Its ability to prepa re a pizza inside a short time, to deliver it within 30 minutes of recording the order, and the store location.Since Dominos business model is based on home delivery, the speed of preparing the pizza and delivering it are the critical success factors.International strategies ( combative abstract)SWOT AnalysisEvery organization has its own strengths and weaknesses as hygienic as threats and opportunities, As far as dominos wad is concerned its swot analysis is as under.StrengthsCurrently Dominos is the market leader in providing wide set up of pizzas, in a flair that there are no competitor in this sector. in that location admireble fancy has make the organization more worthfull. Moreover, Dominos is render pleasing hold, quality products with qualified staff, splendid ambience and hygienic surroundings. They are specialized in pizzas. Moreover Motivation level of staff is very amply which make the organization more prosperous. They are ISO (International Standard Organizati on) certified. They concord equipped with mint of resources for operating different activities of the organization. They are providing free home delivery service. They assimilate created monopoly in this sector. Another tremendous Strength and even a Competitive Advantageis the fact that they eat a full service restaurant as hale as delivery services. Most of dominos competitors do not save restaurants. Because of the restaurant, Dominos can market too some different segments that other pizza chains cannot. For example, Dominos can market to families much easier than Dominos or Little Caesars.Dominos weaknessesAs far as dominos weaknesses is concerned, dominos holding a restaurant to run is also the major weakness that it has, because of it has advanceder overhead address than that of competitors as competitors dont have a restaurant to deal with therefore their overhead cost is instead lower than that of Dominos. As a result of emin draw in overhead cost dominos charge higher prices. Obviously, Dominos is not the low cost producer. As they charge higher prices so thats why they are responsible for quality pizza and good service. They are providing less range of products comparatively with high prices. They are more focused on western savor instead of Eastern.Very few outlets have dine-in facilitiesThe menu is limited and pricey, and there are very few bud stun items on the menu.OpportunitiesDominos has a high potential therefore it has numerous opportunities like wise, if it come across new markets then new opportunities will be born. Considering eastern test of the people like Mc donalds, Dominos can come up with new products. Market share can be increased by bringing variety of new products. Prices can be reduced because of more dominos.ThreatsCurrently major threat that Dominos can face are from competitors, as their immediate competitor which is pizza hut, is working over to open their branch hastily. But free-enterprise(a) advantage that dominos have over pizza hut is their lower price.Evaluate dominos company strategies with other different companiesThough Dominos has flourished in expanding over continent and had observed a remarkable achievements, but in attaining to develop globally, it has been unabled to manage the national market with full proficiency and as a consequence , is losing reason in the domestic market. Moreover , Dominos has mobilized the standard of pizza industry to a great ex list, keeping current economic situation in mind, where rising of commodity prices and decrease in peoples purchasing indicant, Dominos is fight to keep a tie between profitability as well as maintaining standards. Moreover, the increasing competition in the fast food industry adds to these clop of challenges.The main reason for Pizza Huts has been their menu that has been constantly amend and expanded in order to foster with the changing contend and preferences of customer in different part of the world. In having understood the pulse of the customers, Pizza Hut has clearly established itself as a brand with a Britain heart and Dominos read to learn that.BenchmarkingFor many years as a private company, Dominos rightfully benchmarked against itself, without looking at the outside world. We were proud of the fact that for many years we had positive same-store sales, which is a big financial indicator of growth and success in the retail world. Well, that was the good news.The bad news was that during those years our competitors were growing at a very faster pace. Dominos were actually giving up market share. At the same time, dominos were hosting internal celebrations of the fact that against our own internal matrix dominos were doing well. Dominos not only had to look at what had been our ultimo results and reconcile how dominos were performing against that benchmark, but also dominos call for to look at the world around us, look at our competitors, and in many instances, I really wanted us to look at the very surmount in class. Who is out there doing the best realizable job in this special area of business? Dominos need to find out what their results are and start to hold ourselves accountable for that particular level of performance.Dominos accept mediocrity because dominos can necessitate a lot of people around us who are sound as mediocre as dominos are. I want to find the very, very best, and I want to benchmark against them, and I want to get as good or better. I think if I lead that expectation and I get my aggroup and my organization to embrace it, thats how dominos were going to become world-class performers.TakeawaysWhen organization become successful, people tend to believe that thing now dont need to improve but the fact is, things does not remain the same-it can be worst even or it can be better.At the instant companies become confident and dislocated at the very instant companies begin to decline. In order to have a high-performance organization you need to cultivate a culure of unvarying improvement. Dont go for ordinariness, instead, analyse your competitors, set benchmark against them and attain the top-notch performance. brass dodgingA businesss system is basically arrangement of decision that a company make in order to attain its goals. A business has cluster of goals and objectives. And in order to attain those objectives businesses need to organize their business activities. For outpouring a business, planning is essential for both current and as well future activities. Therefore, in order to attain their business objectives , organization need to comply with different strategies. In accordance with, Dominos has also take many strategies which help in attaining the target which are set by the main office to the local store opened at Peshawer. Changes in the external as well as internal environment has made Dominos to re consider their past strategies and has hence designed new strategies after considering the c hanges in the environment. Through SWOT and PEST analysis, environmental changes are scrutinized. After acknowledging all the factors Dominos has decided upon the strategies and their current strategies are reason into five-spotsome main categories and further have sub parts. These strategies are -Functional Strategies These strategies are outlined to improve proficiency of business operations. They often focus on an area, such(prenominal) as marketing, human resources etc. All business organizations convey strategies at functional level as once the functional objectives are achieved, corporate objectives become easy. In order to make the functional strategy efficient, Dominos has made all the functional departments co-operate with each other.Porters Five Forces analysis of market structureThe competitive structure of an industry can be analysed using Porters five forces.This model attempts to analyse the attractiveness of an industry by considering five forces within a market.A ccording to Porter (1980) the likelihood of devoteds making profits in a given(p) industry depends on five factors1. The likelihood of new entry i.e. the extent to which barriers to entry exist. The more severe it is for other unfluctuatings to enter a market the more likely it is that alive staunchs can make relatively high profits.The likelihood of entering a market would be operose ifthe entry costs are high e.g. if heavy investiture is required in marketing or equipmentthere are major advantages to firms that have been operating in the industry already in terms of their experience and understanding of how the market works (this is know as the learning effect)Government policy prevents entry or makes it more surd for example, protectionist measures may mean a tax is placed on foreign products or there is a limit to the number of abroad goods that can be sold. This would make it difficult for a foreign firm to enter a marketthe lively brands have a high level of faithfu lnessthe existing firms may react aggressively to any new entrant e.g. with a price warThe existing firms have control of the supplies .e.g. entering the diamond industry might be difficult because the majority of known sdominosces of diamonds are controlled by companies such as De Beers.2. The former of buyers.The stronger the power of buyers in an industry the more likely it is that they will be able to force down prices and reduce the profits of firms that provide the product. vendee power will be higher ifthere are a few, big buyers so each one is very important to the firmthe buyers can soft defeat to other providers so the provider unavoidably to provide a high quality service at a good priceThe buyers are in position to take over the firm. If they have the resdominosces to buy the provider this threat can lead to a better service because they have real negotiating power3. The power of suppliers.The stronger the power of suppliers in an industry the more difficult it is for firms within that sector to make a profit because suppliers can determine the terms and conditions on which business is conducted.Suppliers will be more powerful ifthere are relatively few of them (so the buyer has few alternatives) giveing to another supplier is difficult and/or expensivethe supplier can threaten to buy the existing firms so is in a strong negotiating position4. The degree of controversyThis measures the degree of competition between existing firms. The higher the degree of opposition the more difficult it is for existing firms to generate high profits.Rivalry will be higher ifthere are a large number of similar sized firms (rather than a few dominant firms) all competing with each other for customersThe costs of leaving the industry are high e.g. because of high levels of investment. This means that existing firms will fight hard to survive because they cannot easily transfer their resources elsewhereThe level of capacity utilisation. If there are high levels of capacity being underutilised the existing firms will be very competitive to try and win sales to boost their own demandthe market is shrinking so firms are fighting for their share of falling salesthere is little brand loyalty so customer are likely to switch easily betdominosen products5. The substitute threat.This measures the ease with which buyers can switch to another product that does the same thing e.g. aluminium cans rather than ice-skating rink or plastic bottles. The ease of switching depends on what costs would be involved (e.g. transferring all ydominos data to a new database system and retrain staff could be expensive) and how similar customers perceive the alternatives to be.Using Porters analysis firms are likely to generate higher returns if the industryIs difficult to enterThere is limited rivalryBuyers are relatively smallSuppliers are relatively smallThere are few substitutes.On the other detainment returns are likely to be low ifThe industry is easy to enter There is a high degree of rivalry between firms within the industryBuyers are strongSuppliers are strongIt is easy to switch to alternativesThe implication of Porters analysis for managers is that they should examine these five factors before choosing an industry to move into. They should also consider ways of changing the five factors to make them more favourable.For exampleIf firms merge in concert this can reduce the degree of rivalry. This has happened a great deal in industries such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals and banking where firms have fall in together to remove competitorsif firms buy up distributors (this is called forward vertical integration) they can gain more control over buyersif firms differentiate their product possibly by trying to generate some form of Unique marketing Proposition (USP) that makes it stand out from the competition. This lies at the heart of many marketing and brand building activities. Coca Cola, for example, has fought hard to promote itse lf as the real thing everything else is just imitationif they react aggressively to a firm that enters its market this may deter potential entrants in the futureThe five forces will change over time as market conditions alter. For example, more information is available nowadays to enable customers to compare offerings and prices this gives buyers more power. The arising up of world markets (for example through the efforts of the World Trade Organisation to reduce protectionist measures that limit trade and the expansion of the European Union enabling free trade between more countries) has led to much more rivalry in markets in recent years. In North America, for example, the sales of Japanese firms such as Toyota have gradually been reducing the market share of American producers such as General Motors as consumers have more choice. Meanwhile, the success of the internet has made it easier for producers to enter many markets such as finance, book retailing and clothes retailing th e ability to start selling online has reduced a major barrier to entry which was the investment required to set up a network of shops. As ever the business world is not static and the conditions in any industry will always be changing. As this happens the various elements of the five forces are always shifting requiring established firms and potential entrants to review their strategies.Effectiveness of international strategyIt reaches geographically dispersed buyers. Dominos vision is focused on Exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world . Dominos is committed to bringing fun and excitement to the lives of dominos customers by delivering delicious pizzas to their doorstep in 30 minutes or less and all its strategies are aimed at fulfilling this commitment towards its large and ever-growing customer base. Its all advertisement are image of core competencies.They also should have a variety of combinations of menu items which a customer can ch oose so that both the customer and the company can have a win-win situation. The company can have the maximum of the consumer surplus at the same time the consumer might face that this was the best offer. From the menu card one can see the family size variants and the different pizza combinations in the same one pizza are all the different ways of pricing. The company attains the maximum profit in the meat items, so they give the selection of pizzas slices of different varieties and they are indian lodgebed together to form a single pizza.Once the customer dines / orders home, normally send away coupons are given to the customer so that there is an incentive for the customer to order from Dominos . Thus customers are forced to maintain loyalty towards Dominos .Sustaining, building relationships and Exploiting Changing ConditionsOver the years dominos has also developed and successfully introduced a range of products especially suited. What has also given dominos a competitive ed ge is that in addition to an massive range of internationally renowned pizzas like The Italian, the proprietary Pan Pizza and Stuffed Crust, in the menu offers the option of a complete meal. It includes appetizers, a Salad jam where the customers can make their own fresh salads, a range of soups, pastas and desserts etc.Dominos should also a community called as VIP- Members joining this club should be at no extra cost one can avail greater offers. Meanwhile Dominos are not behind Pizza Hut in introducing local tradition. Dominos believes strongly in the strategy of Think global and act local. Thus, time and again Dominos Pizza has been innovating with delicious new products such as crusts, toppings suitable to the taste buds of ConsumersFirm market entry strategyDominos Pizza was able to gain ground by positioning Pizza as a snack and supporting it with its efficient home delivery system.For Dominos direct selling and interactive selling is not needed though they are involved in internet and cable TV promotions. Dominos always search for ways to gain efficiency by replacing one communication with others. The sustainability among communication tools explains why marketing function need to be coordinated.Growth strategiesPizza hut targeted market defines them as a family product. This is because they dont really directly market their customers. They are target everyone whereas their competitors target a certain gender or age. But pizza hut targets a wide range of customers. This is because they want to make the most money and who blames them.They have many competitors and they are bound to try everything to cope up tops. Their competitors are everywhere. There are just a few that are main competitors and pizza hut will always try to be the best and get the most money by making their products better quality but also cheaper.They try to offer something different with their product. They offer a range of stuffed crusts to try and attract customers. They also do vegetarian options with meet free pizzas and a salad and pasta bar. Not a lot of restaurants offer a salad and a pasta bar. This is another competitive idea to attract or customers. possible development over 10 to 20 yearssenior executives at Dominos are missing a key thought process about change, growth and innovation though. They didnt understand that every product, team, organization and man-to-man goes through a process of birth, growth and decline that is similar to the define of an elongated S. You cant avoid this process.At the beginning of every growth curve, you make investments with little or no reward. Its only through squeeze out operational inefficiencies, gaining and or growing market share that companies get their initial investments and grow the bottom line and pay dividends to their stakeholders.Dominos be on the part of the S-Curve where the maximum profit are being completed without understanding that decline, death, and decreased profit arent just probable, but are inevitable. Dominos is trying to jump the curve and are at the beginning of a new S-Curve time will tell as to whether they embrace team development and leadership development, which will ultimately determine whether they grow or die.Appropriate justified recommendation for improvement, development and international Increase varieties in Pizzas.Focus on location of the outlets.Increase the quality of Pizzas.Make good ambiance in outlets.Should focus more on marketing itself confidently. shuttingDominos Pizza constantly strives to develop products that suit the tastes of its consumers and hence delighting them. Dominos believes strongly in the strategy of Think global and act local. Thus, time and again Dominos Pizza has been innovating with delicious new products such as crusts, toppings and flavours suitable to the taste buds of Consumers. Further, providing value for money at affordable products to the consumers has been Dominos motto. Initiatives such as Fun Meal and Pi zza Mania have been extremely popular with consumers.

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Separates Science From All Other Human Activities Philosophy Essay

Separates acquaintance From whole Other military man Activities Philosophy Essay skill is distinguished for its opaline nature of conclusions. It addresses the method usanced to reach conclusions the ideas of verification, falsification, and the thought that accomplishment presents its theories with a degree of probability. The conclusions in science ar conditional because currently they argon considered to be align, plainly according to the nature of the science, they are champaign to change. Science is defined as familiarity gained by systematic experimentation and abridgment (Munday). What distinguishes the sciences from other areas is a very different method of determination justice. The description of truth in this case is what works in work or is useful to us because science is heavily ground on the practical(a) speculation (Munday). The question is perhaps misleading since it doesnt mention which type of science is implied natural science, human science, or ethical science Science is a provisionary human activity this can be observed when examine areas of association in terms of provisional conclusions.Science is a practice where truth is supported through experimentation and observations. It is a posteriori knowledge, meaning that it is knowledge that is derived from experience or empirical evidence. People state that science is found on too many an(prenominal) assumptions, and the rules al ways change, therefore, we should employ other ways of knowing such as our perception. In my view, the main reason we should hold dear this way of knowing the conclusions of science are changeable. These regular changes show that windlessness though we might never find out the truth, we are progressing in theatre of operationss such as biology, physics, chemistry, etc. However, by expressing it as a matter-of-fact way of knowing, we can give ear that science is about disc overing the truth. This truth whitethorn not be the perfect trut h such as draw by Plato with his idea of ideal forms. This truth is more c formerlyrned with measure out or usefulness. Within the history of science, scientific laws and theories kick in been changed or demand been disproved. For example, there was a cubical atom theory that stated that every(prenominal) atoms had a shape of a cube (Munday). This theory was disproved by many scientists such as Bohr and Rutherford (Munday). We now read a different vaticination of what the atom is due to quantum mechanics (Munday). However, if you take account of Quantum Theory, then til now the conclusions about the physical world become highly provisional mankind is no lasting deterministic and mechanistic, and some of our conclusions about this reality last up being provisional. Scientific knowledge is derived from the use of a precise, exacting method that involves inductive logic. For example, if I observe that body of water always boils at 100C when I am cooking (Arnh subterfuge) , I get into that this willing always be the case (induction). However, if I were to boil water in Denver, Colorado, a location 1.6 km above sea level, I would discover that the water now boils at 94C, as the contract on the liquid is reduced (Arnh blind). As we can see, the inductive cistron of the scientific method can sometimes lead to an in typeset hypothesis. point if a scientific theory has been rigorously tested ane meg times there is always the possibility that an exception will be found, and hence the theory falsified. Karl Popper acknowledged this problem and suggested that a hypothetical deductive method should be used, whereby false hypotheses are discarded through trials and refutal (Arnhart). This means we cannot prove a theory is correct we can simply prove that a hypothesis is false. Thus we can never know that a scientific theory is true the reason why scientific conclusions are provisional. For instance, a scientist is trying to find a cure for cancer, th at instead finds out how a persons brain works, he still expands our knowledge of alone the things around us, horizontal though that scientist was trying to find a different answer. This usefulness always reshapes our knowledge since it brings in new ideas and models that onslaught to explain the patterns that are tot aloney around us and where conclusions are do according to the current knowledge. Our knowledge is available to adapt by being provisional. With science, we accept our limitations of todays instruments, and we analyze the situation and what we can potentially do for win knowledge or experimentation. Science doesnt stop improving our customs of experimenting even though we know we vernacular reach the perfect truth (Plato) qualification it provisional even if it may seem to be currently true. Science is so relied upon for this reason that it advances our society. angiotensin-converting enzyme of the main differences between the Natural and Human Sciences (ethics , history) is the object of study while the Natural Sciences observe and experiment on the world of nature, the Human Sciences focus more on human behaviour. human beings are, arguably, less predictable and stable than the natural world, so the conclusions about our behaviour should be more provisional than the conclusions reached. Although science is the answer to many of our disputes, it is based mostly on theoretical predictions, and that creates a fallacy. For example, scientists in a university have made a device to brush and purify water for the tribe in South Africa and they have sent it to Africa (Arnhart). Once the device was in use, it killed 45% of the people in 3 weeks. A study relived that the dawn used did stop Cysts (bacteria) from going through initially but these bacteria started to grow inside the filter clogging the filter. Nothing was noticed because the bacteria were so small, and the pressure of the water squeezed the 4.5 micron bacteria into the 1 micron holes of the filter. In theory, filter was a reasoned device to use to clean the water but when in cover is failed. These predictions are based on theoretical assumptions. Even though our limitations can be accurate even, this trueness is not perfect we try to achieve the best at finding a conclusion. Yet, the uncertainty of the conclusion can still prove it false, and so the science turns provisional.Math is a very different area of knowledge. The unaccompanied difference today is that math is much more complex in applications of basic principles. The definition of math is the system of quantities, forms, space and their relationships in use of numbers and symbols. The Egyptians came up with simple functions such as addition. These functions are still useful since we substitute symbols to represent difference concepts in reality. The symbols and applications might differ, but the expressions stay the same. The ancient Greeks used symbols rather than numbers equations, they came up with were the same. One may deduce that math is not a provisional subject. In many ways, math is the foundation of other areas of knowledge such as analysis and measurement in sciences. In some cases, wed never find out more about certain topics. For instance, the string theory can only be proven with math because physically we cant comprehend eleven dimensions. Multiplication will not change over time compared to a scholar learning how his brain works- he will soon have to update his knowledge because what we know in the bailiwick of science always changes. Today, scientists try to link the missing puzzle pieces however, once a scientist connects a puzzle to the whole picture, and it is perceived to be the correct placement, then more and more questions arise. Furthermore, in math, once something is proved, it is no longer contested. For example, today nobody should argue that two multiplied by quintuple is not ten. Math, arguably, is a human construct it is up to us to acqu it up symbols that would represent the patterns that we encounter. The knowledge and conclusions of math arent that provisional but its application is.Like science, art has many changing conclusions. When a person looks at a picture, he invariably interprets it and evaluates it. However, when a different individual looks at the same picture, he might interpret it in a very different way. These interpretations can vary because of many aspects. Ones age, for example there is a painting of a cow (Arnhart). An elder might think of it as a source of meat, while a boy might see a joy ride (Arnhart). Thus each person has reason on a different interpretation and this uncertainly on which is the true conclusion makes the art as a area of knowledge provisional. Generally, conclusions in art are based on the frames of reference of the person that is evaluating the art piece with a personal experience or posteriori knowledge. Thus, art is provisional in nature because even one painting might ha ve different conclusions based on it.By comparing math, sciences, and art one can see that the knowledge gained from the sciences change however, it is not the only subject that is provisional, that is shown through subjects such as art and history. Even one art piece can have many conclusions associated with it. The statement what separates science from all other human activities is its belief in the provisional nature of all conclusions (Michael Shermer, is only partly true since science is provisional however, that doesnt separate it from all other human activities. Math is an example of a static subject whereas, science is a subject open to debates and updates. We might think that sciences are not important to us since what we know now as the truth always changes however, we must understand that a person who is confident that he knows everything will never learn. Through science we accept that our knowledge is limited, and we attempt to improve what we already hav e. Even though some scientific knowledge is considered be truth, it is still provisional since science is focused on disproving predictions and not on gathering enough evidence to make the conclusion valid or sound. Without science, one may argue, we would never achieve the advancements that we are favored to have today.Word Count 1652

Equality diversity and rights

equation diversity and rights comparability diversity and rights I piddle done my showing on equality diversity and rights I perk up chosen to do my presentation on a c be al-Qaida setting. I entrust be looking at the contrasting aspects of give business concern that is available at the c are star sign and the possible barriers of trade that whitethorn or may not be over come. I give also be looking at comes that are in place to value the armed answer exploiter against abuse. I will also look closely at the safety mea authorizeds they have in place to care for the portion user and make sure that the service user is happy and is being cared for correspond to the care value base. thither are 3 trends that bulk can refer to care these areself referral when the patient of itself brings their selfs prior for care third party referrals this is when friends or family one someone else brings the patient forward to care as they may this he or she may be incapable of looking after their selves. thither will be an assessment of the patient to see whether they are in need of succor with the care of their selves. If they dont require to go into care whence things to consider will be their human rights (1998) and also opposite peoples human rights, so they have to either be a danger to their selves or the public (PUBLIC guard duty ACT, 2002) Professional referral- when a doctor or someone who is an expert in the line of work refers patients in to care for a variety of reasons, i.e. Dementia. cause should be regulated by the ethics in patient referrals act of 1989. Effective communication this is important in making sure the service user is happy also taking in to account their opinions and allow them express their selves by verbal and non verbal communication, also to make sure that someone is there to listen to the service users issues. There might be some service users who might not shade comfortable talking so maybe there could suggestio n boxes around the care home and also meeting with the service users every few weeks to see whether they are satisfied and to see if they have any thoughts virtually how to improve the care home, There could also be activities going on such as bingo and trips and events out for the service users. This would keep them occupied and meet their favorable needs and also have a chance to communicate with the carers. There could also be a notice board with notices that allow give-and-take and up coming events to be known to the residences that may not be in a sociable mood that week this allows them to get baffling in the activities that are going on, this stops them from being socially excluded. mutation (race, belief) and also equality Rights to individuality- everyone should have the right to express themselves in the way that they want to. Everyone should have the right to express their selves at the care home by maybe doing different activities that could take place each daylig ht such as bingo or arts and crafts this would give the service user the freedom to choose what they wanted to do .I think purpose making should be left to the service user this should be set down to what they eat what they ware their independence should be maintained unless it is no other way services user should also have the right to fare their religion without prejudiceEffects of secretion (this can be a bad opinion or feeling formed in rising slope without any real reason thought, in the care home by a carer and it that can lead to unfair discrimination of a somebody making a difference in which way a mortal is treated) which can lead to abuse towards the lymph gland (This may affect the client badly by them being socially excluded from the group as they feel low on their self-esteem. This will just lead to oppression of the client. Acts that protect the service userLegalisation comes about by media, pressure groups and system of macrophages bringing up an idea like equ ality in care homes. thence people recognize that this becomes an issue of equal opportunity. The assembly discusses this and then the judicature research and write a report on this matter. Then the civil services make a suggestion such as passing an act to protect people who are of different ethnicities. The government take a leaks a green paper, which people have access to, they debate about the matter, the civil services passes on findings of the debate to the government who then produce a white paper which then creates further debates about the matter, the tack forward of parliament debates proposals the proposals get the royal asset which then finally leads to legalization of the matter. The sources of equality in law are the British courts, British parliaments European Union and the European courts. The British court passes case law and the British parliament passes acts of parliament. The European Union passes directives ad regulations and the European courts passes case laws. These are all then become into one equality law. These laws are the put into care settings by charters organisational policies and codes of practice There are 3 different European laws affecting individuals these are Regulations this is the strongest law out of the three and mustiness be carried out by all the members of the state straight away. Directives utilize by members of the state to make their laws related to all the other members of the state. There are laws such as the race relations act 1976 this was revise in the year 2003 this protects the clients against unjust treatments due to their racial ethnicity. The act defines discrimination as less favourable treatment according to racial demesne .This plans to promote racial individuality as a positive thing. class 3 on the 2006 act summarisespeoples ability to achieve their potential is not stopped by prejudice or discrimination there is treasure for and protection of each individuals human rights there is res pect for the dignity and charge of every individual every individual has an equal opportunity to put down in society and There is mutual respect between groups found on understanding and valuing diversity and on shared respect for equality and human rights. There are also bodies such as theEquality and Human Rights Commission who was established under the 2006 equality act. Empowerment residents have the choice to do what they want when they want they are given a choice of when to be woken up in the morning and what time they want to have breakfast and to be given a choice on what they want to eat also they should be able to have snacks at anytime throughout the day Care value base- this is a mixture of Promoting anti discriminatory practice Maintaining confidentiality ofinformation Promoting and supporting individuals personal beliefs and identities Promoting effective communication and relationships Providing individuals care Empowerment The care value base came around 1992 an d it can hire to any age group that is in a care environment. BibliographyArmstrong F and Barton L (1999) Disability Human Rights and Education Open University PressBagilhole B (1997) Equal Opportunities and Social Policy Addison Wesley Longman LimitedMoonie M (2004) Diversity and Rights in Care Heinemann Educational PublishersShakespeare T (2006) Disability Rights and Wrongs Routledge

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Brief History of the Bauhaus :: essays research papers

An designer named Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus in 1919 in Weimar, Germany. Gropius main objective of the educate was to use to all(prenominal) one students creativity to change industrial and architectural ideas by integrating, into them, ocular artistic creation. The Bauhaus sought to change the ideas of the industrial society that began in the reservoir of the century. In the previous(predicate) Bauhaus, painters like Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky joined the crop to give lessons advanced ideas of form, subterfuge and space. Klees work used study librate that translated into graphical signs and symbols that invoked strong visual communications. He integrated modern art with the work of nonwestern cultures and children that charged visual communications. Kandinskys work at the school was based on his belief in the strong spiritual determine of color and form. He taught his firm belief in the use of color and visual elements to depict the artists mood without th e use of subject matter.Johannes Itten also played a major role in early Bauhaus. He taught a preliminary course in which his goals were to release each students creativity and to better their understanding of the physical nature of materials. Itten emphasized visual contrasts and and the analysis of Old Master paintings. He eventually left the school in 1919 because of a disagreement of how the course was to be conducted. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy took Ittens place later onward that year. Moholy-Nagy was a relentless experimenter who brought in new materials such as acrylic paint resin and plastic and later introduced students to new techniques such as photomontage and photogram. He also placed great emphasis on the use of attribute as a tool of communication. The school eventually go on to Dessau, Germany because of tension between the school and the Weimar government. There was tension from the ascendent but nothing was done until a new, more conservative plaque had come into pow er. This led to the resignation of the director and its masters. Two weeks after this the students of the school each wrote letters to the government stating that they would be leaving on with the masters. The school was moved to a temporary facility in Dessau until a new school was designed and occupied in the fall of 1926. During the Dessau power point the schools philosophy and identity came into full fruition. The Bauhaus Corp. was created, allowing the sale of prototypes created at the school to the industry.

Meeting at airport :: English Literature

Meeting at airportAli had just driven through the rush hour traffic of London with hismother. He had arrived several hours foregoing than necessary for thearrival of his wed womans return public life from India. His espouse woman and son hadbeen on holiday in India.He knew he had a couple of hours before his wife arrived. He had beenmarried for two years. His wife was born in India. He had gone toIndia subsequently completing his studies. He travelled to India with hisparents to visit relatives, and to have a holiday before he fuck offedhis new muse. While he was on holiday, he made umpteen conversances.It was while staying with his grandparents that he met his futurewife. His wife was the daughter of one of his neighbours. He was inIndia for only two months and within two months he had met, soulfulnesswith whom he cute to marry.During his walk around the arrivals area, he bumped into Ali a friendfrom his school who he had not seen for many years. Ali said toSanjayHello , how are you, I havent seen you for ages Sanjayreplied, Its you Ali, my old friend we have a lot of catching up todo. Ali said I have been married for a couple of years and I amwaiting for my wife and son to return from India. Sanjay replied, Iam waiting for my second wife to return from India, her job involves alot of travelling. Sanjay continued, Weve recently been allowed toadopt a child by the local authority. Ali was surprised that Sanjayhad been previously married.Sanjay said, I was married to my first wife for about a year beforewe unaffectionate Sanjay continued, I wanted my wife to stay at home, andfor us to start a family, my wife didnt want to stay at home, shewanted to continue with her career. Sanjay continued, I believe thata womans settle is in the home and it is important for her to lookafter the house and the children after these responsibilities she canpursue a career.Ali said, I dont tout ensemble agree as the maintenance of the houseand children nowadays are a joint responsibility between Husband andWife. Alis eye caught the flight arrivals board, which indicatedthat their flight had landed.Ali told Sanjay that their flight had arrived.Sanjay said, I expect my wife to leave her job when she becomespregnant. Sanjay continued, I wouldnt want her to work again untilour child was at least three years old, and starting nursery.Ali said Goodbye

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Abortion: I Am Pro-Choice Essay -- Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays

The radix of the the Statesn Government is built on two ideologies first, that the majority of the hoi polloi govern through democratic election and second, that the power of the majority is particular to ensure individual rights. As defined by the American inheritance Online Dictionary a posit under ones skin is a woman who conceives, gives birth to, or raises and nurtures a child. This paper leave discuss the right of privacy of the mother versus the governments right to protect the unborn fetus in regard to miscarriage. each woman has the right to bring any decision that involves her body. Our government has forever respected the individuals right to privacy. A womans reproductive system should not be regulated by the government. In the Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade in 1973, the decision to make spontaneous abortion legal came in effect (Frohock 1983). Before Roe, many women were large(predicate) were forced to weigh their respect for the lawfulness agai nst their positivism that they were not form to be mothers. Many women chose to break the law, putting their lives and futures at risk, and decided to get unsafe and expensive procedures.Many people who aim to get an abortion for several reasons. Some of these reasons are because they want to postpone childbearing, cannot afford a baby, had relationship problems, their partner does not want pregnancy, too young, risk to foetal health, risk to maternal health, incest, and or the person was bodged. In a explore done, the percentage of these reasons why people seek to get an abortion ranges from 2.1% because of rape and incest to 25.5% because these people want to postpone childbearing.Laws against abortion kill woman. Even though abortion may be illegal, that does not mean woman will not go thr... ...liberty, or property without due process of the law. The law already provides the right to privacy, liberties, and the freedom to choose unfortunately, the definition of privac y, and individual rights in this county are still in question.In conclusion having the right to choose to me is the best way to go. No one should have the right to retell another person what she should do with her own body. I am pro-choice.ReferencesFrohock, F.M (1983) Abortion A Case Study in Law and Morals. United States of America Greenwood Press. Retrieved on June 9, 2008.Messerli, J (2005, November). Should Abortion Be Banned (Except in peculiar(a) Circumstances Like Saving the Mothers Life)? Retrieved June 8, 2008, from http// and Cons of Abortion. Retrieved fromhttp//

Thessalonians Essay -- Bible, Paul of Tarsus

1 Thessalonians is a pastoral letter indite by capital of Minnesota of Tarsus to the recently formed Christian community of Thessalonica. The letter, written in response to concerns of the newly converted Gentiles, offers encouragement and support, and addresses specific issues and problems they were confronted with. Paul begins his letter by giving thanks for the Thessalonians faith, love, and hope in the professional Jesus Christ. They own turned to beau ideal from idols, to serve a upkeep and true God, and to wait for his Son from heaven... (1 Thessalonians 9-10). Paul assures the people that he brings the sum of the evangel of God to them. This is to set himself apart from others who may yield keep down preaching to them from deceit or impure motives or trickery (1 Thess. 23). Paul identifies himself as countercultural and works throughout 1Thessalonians to show the new Christians that they in addition are called to live a countercultural life as well, worthy of God w ho calls you into his own kingdom and glory. (1 Thess. 212) because they have accepted the word of God, which is on the job(p) within them to shape their new identity as Christians. Pauls belief in the living and true God with the message of the gospel of God exhibits his monotheistic belief and rejection of idols.Paul knows that these Thessalonians are first-generation converts living among legion(predicate) idol- holinessping Gentiles. Because they are Christians, they can no longer attend pagan festivals, worship other gods, or possibly even continue to buy their meats from the topical anesthetic butcher, because the meat may have been an offering of sacrifice to idols. Paul recognizes they have become social outcasts, no longer Gentiles they are called to live differently now. Paul had forewarned t... ...or non-violence do not repay evil with evil, do true(p) to all. He exhorts the people to rejoice, pray, and give thanks, as this is the will of God. Do not quench the Spir it. Do not despise the word of prophets, but render everything, hold fast to what is favorable abstain from every form of evil. (1 Thess. 5 19-22) Paul again is instructional and tells them to let the Spirit flow in and among them, dont stop it. Let the Spirit flow in their community in their actions and let people speak because they might have a message from Jesus. Paul is telling them to keep close to what is good and protect themselves from evil, relating again to the spiritual warfare, moral vigilance and living a countercultural life. He ends with a command by God that his letter be shared among the community and calls upon the grace of God to remain with the Thessalonians community.

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Discuss the themes addressed in Over the Wall and the devices used :: English Literature

Discuss the themes communicate in Over the W in either(prenominal) and the devices useto express and examine these themesThe typify Over the Wall is very elicit and unique, in thatinstead of having name calling for each part, the parts ar physical bodyed from1-9. This removes all pre-conceptions you may have had of thecharacters. The characters take h older changing to several(predicate) numbersthroughout the guide this is to highlight the different types ofpeople in monastic order. Any number can dally and the level may be sh aredout.The encounter tells the story of an island community aliveness on an islandwith a wall trail straight down the warmness of it. These people akinto keep themselves to themselves and hold with action the way it invariably has been led. They have totally no participation in the wall and allof the questions that go with it. Except for the one He is the oneasking all of the questions and searching for the answers. This questis non shar ed at all in spite of appearance the island community and everyone choosesto ignore this nut. They are all happy to hunt on with their daily deeds in their senseless lives and see him as an outsider.At the beginning of the play it sounds almost like a fairy tale,thither was once an island. It then twists this idea by saying, ifyou believe it. However it rapidly shows us the real point and message of the play. The narrator comments on many an(prenominal) different socialmembers in this play and in the inaugural narrator speech he makes a knock remark towards the unemployed, everyone had a twenty-four hourss work(which in those quantify was considered a blessing). He in any case comments onpeoples attitudes in general towards the young and the elderly, theold were looked after, as long as they didnt outstay their welcome.The young as well were respected as individuals within reason. Thisis so true in new-made twenty-four hour periodtime societies. The young are not resp ectedbecause they are seen as immature and the elderly because they are obtuse and frustratingly slow.The narrators first speech ends with for, while they were not precisely happy they were not hardly unhappy either. I think thishighlights the incident that people in society are happy with their dailylife being very mediocre. We coif up with this because we are afraid ofchange. We drive on the same roll in the hay on the bus every day we have the sameroutine when we get back from work. There are so many examples ofthese day to day rituals because we are unimaginative.The characters in the play are stereotyped defined by their language.Discuss the themes addressed in Over the Wall and the devices used English LiteratureDiscuss the themes addressed in Over the Wall and the devices usedto express and examine these themesThe play Over the Wall is very interesting and unique, in thatinstead of having names for each part, the parts are numbered from1-9. This removes all pre-conce ptions you may have had of thecharacters. The characters keep changing to different numbersthroughout the play this is to highlight the different types ofpeople in society. Any number can play and the narration may be sharedout.The play tells the story of an island community living on an islandwith a wall running straight down the middle of it. These people liketo keep themselves to themselves and continue with life the way italways has been led. They have totally no interest in the wall and allof the questions that go with it. Except for the one He is the oneasking all of the questions and searching for the answers. This questis not shared at all within the island community and everyone choosesto ignore this nut. They are all happy to carry on with their dailyroutines in their pointless lives and see him as an outsider.At the beginning of the play it sounds almost like a fairy tale,there was once an island. It then twists this idea by saying, ifyou believe it. However it quickly sh ows us the real point andmeaning of the play. The narrator comments on many different socialmembers in this play and in the first narrator speech he makes adisparaging remark towards the unemployed, everyone had a days work(which in those times was considered a blessing). He also comments onpeoples attitudes in general towards the young and the elderly, theold were looked after, as long as they didnt outstay their welcome.The young also were respected as individuals within reason. Thisis so true in modern day societies. The young are not respectedbecause they are seen as immature and the elderly because they areboring and frustratingly slow.The narrators first speech ends with for, while they were notexactly happy they were not exactly unhappy either. I think thishighlights the fact that people in society are happy with their dailylife being very mediocre. We put up with this because we are afraid ofchange. We sit on the same seat on the bus every day we have the sameroutine when w e get back from work. There are so many examples ofthese day to day rituals because we are unimaginative.The characters in the play are stereotyped defined by their language.

The Cause Essay -- essays papers

The Cause Violent crimes occur for numerous different reasons. Students who rampaged through the graduate(prenominal) schools throughout the United States make up all in all said to have one thing in common their peers did not respect the attackers. These students say they have mat up bullied, or not be or not adapted in to what the popular standards are. So why resort to anger? some(prenominal) said it feels it gives them the respect that they were deprived of and what they felt they deserved. These students make national and field news headlines, and they feel they have business office and control when resorting to violence. Other reasons take on drugs and gangs, which are at the concealment of the run followed by disagreements.CAUSES OF SCHOOL rageTypes of Gun Violence.Intentional shooting65%Accident13% guarantor taking8%Suicide8% heart-to-heart6%(Reynolds, 1993)Percentages of Gun-Related Incidents on School PropertyDrugs/Gangs18%Long-standing Disagreements15% Playing With or make clean Guns13%Romantic Disagreements12%Fights oer Material Possessions10% drop-off9% blood feud Against Society6%Racial Incident5%Name Calling4%Vendetta Against School Employee4%Undetermined4%(Reynolds, 1993)Beyond all others, well-read shootings are at the top of the list for motives of violence in schools. Students by choice go into schools with a tool with the intent to use the weapon. The number one reason for this is drugs and gangs followed by long-standing disagreements. These disagreements let in the students who were belittled by their peers in school. well-nigh of the accidental shootings include chief(a) aged students bringing a ... .... 40. Vernberg, E. & Twemlow, S. (2000). indite violent youth comments & observations. Childrens services, (3), p. 171+. Retrieved October 4, 2001 from pedantic Search/EBSCO database. (Sept/Oct 2001). Alternative perspectives on school violence. Humanist, (6), p. 36+. Retrieved October 4, 2001 from Ac ademic Search/EBSCO database. (1999) School protective services. Retrieved November 7, 2001, from http// (2001, may 30) School safety lessons knowing urban districts report progress. Sept 12, 2001, from http// salt lick=38security.h20 (2000). Violence. World accommodate Encyclopedia. (Vol. 25). Chicago, World Book, Inc. Walsh, M. (2001, May 23) Court distinguishes amid threats, free speech. Retrieved Sept. 12, 2001, from http// The Cause Essay -- essays papersThe Cause Violent crimes occur for many different reasons. Students who rampaged through the high schools throughout the United States have all said to have one thing in common their peers did not respect the attackers. These students say they have felt bullied, or not belonging or not fitting in to what the popular standards are. So why resort to anger? Many said it feels it gives them the respect that they were deprived of and what they felt they deserved. These students make national and world news headlines, and they feel they have power and control when resorting to violence. Other reasons include drugs and gangs, which are at the top of the list followed by disagreements.CAUSES OF SCHOOL VIOLENCETypes of Gun Violence.Intentional shooting65%Accident13%Hostage taking8%Suicide8%Undetermined6%(Reynolds, 1993)Percentages of Gun-Related Incidents on School PropertyDrugs/Gangs18%Long-standing Disagreements15%Playing With or Cleaning Guns13%Romantic Disagreements12%Fights Over Material Possessions10%Depression9%Vendetta Against Society6%Racial Incident5%Name Calling4%Vendetta Against School Employee4%Undetermined4%(Reynolds, 1993)Beyond all others, intentional shootings are at the top of the list for motives of violence in schools. Students deliberately go into schools with a weapon with the intent to use the weapon. The number one reason for this is drugs and gangs followed by long-standing disagreements. These disagreements include the students who were belittled by their peers in school. Most of the accidental shootings include elementary aged students bringing a ... .... 40. Vernberg, E. & Twemlow, S. (2000). Profiling violent youth comments & observations. Childrens services, (3), p. 171+. Retrieved October 4, 2001 from Academic Search/EBSCO database. (Sept/Oct 2001). Alternative perspectives on school violence. Humanist, (6), p. 36+. Retrieved October 4, 2001 from Academic Search/EBSCO database. (1999) School protective services. Retrieved November 7, 2001, from http// (2001, May 30) School safety lessons learned urban districts report progress. Sept 12, 2001, from http// (2000). Violence. World Book Encyclopedia. (Vol. 25). Chicago, World Book, Inc. Walsh, M. (2001, May 23) Court distinguishes between threats, free speech. Retrieved Sept. 12, 2001, from http//

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William Faulkner Essay -- Biography

The South is acknowledgen for its many astonish artists, novelists, and writers however, William Faulkner is alone(p)ly categorized by many as one of the just about influential writers of the twentieth century. Faulkner became known for his diction and literary techniques. William Faulkner chronicled the history of disseminated multiple sclerosis however, his choice of normal themes made him a literary giant nearly the world. Faulkner achieved many great accomplishments without a high school diploma or college degree. Faulkner had proved to the world that Southern writers were not as substandard as many viewed them to be. They were, in fact, foregoe phenomenal. William Faulkner born on September 25, 1897 to Murry Cuthbert Falkner, a railroad employee and Maud Butler, an amateur painter (Minter, 755). Faulkner was born in New Albany, manuscript however, he spent most of his life in Oxford, Mississippi (Polk, 55). In Oxford, Faulkner began listening to many stories told at s mall family gatherings as well as large reunions. Many stories told by Faulkners family originated from adventures of Faulkners great-grandfather, Colonel William Clark Falkner . Since Faulkner was disappointed and discompose by the meager success of his own father, he drew appressed to his grandfather, but it was his great-grandfather who he saw as a model and bear upon ( Minter, 755). Faulkner was an excellent student throughout the first several grades however, he quit school in 1915 without a diploma disappointing his family. Even though Faulkner dropped out of school, he read avidly (Minter, 755). Faulkner made a wont of hanging around places where people gathered to swap tales After Faulkner began musical composition about north Mississippi , a friend remarked that, he seemed to know e... ...y two of his novels received Pulitzer Prizes. In 1924 Faulkner received the Nobel Prize for literature for his unique contribution to the modern American novel. After Faulkner do nated his Nobel winnings to establish a fund to support and encourage new fiction writers, the PEN/Faulkner awarding for fiction was established. Whenever Faulkners involvement in the early phases of the civil rights case evoked, he and Estelle moved to Charlottesville, Virginia , where Faulkner became writer-in-residence at the university of Virginia (minter, 760).In conclusion, William Faulkner, the Southern writer , Nobel and Pulitzer lever winner, sweep the nation with his diction and literary techniques. With his fictional stories he hardened literary hands on Mississippi and narrated the universe throughout its culture. His universal themes made him a literary giant around the world.

H.B. Fuller is Not Morally Responsible for the Addiction of Street Chil

H.B. brimful is non Morally Responsible for the Addiction of Street Children to its Resistol Products1.In your judgment, is H.B. Fuller chastely trustworthy for the addiction of street children to its Resistol intersection points?In my opinion, H.B. Fuller is not virtuously responsible for the addiction of street children to its Resistol products. A corporation is chastely responsible only for those acts and their foreseen injurious deeds (a) which the corporation knowingly and freely performed or brought about and which it was morally wrong for the corporation to fail to perform or prevent and/or (b) which the person knowingly and freely failed to perform or prevent and which it was morally wrong for the corporation to fail to perform or prevent. Only two conditions completely eliminate a persons moral obligation for causing a wrongful injury (1) ignorance and (2) inability. I believe that H.B. Fuller isnt morally responsible because once it released its product, it had n either control nor knowledge of how its product were to be misused. When projecting the circumstances of why H.B. Fullers product was abused, H.B. Fuller rattling helped out the economic problem by providing employment for the region. No arguing can be made that H.B. Fuller did not make attempts to end the misuse of its product. There is a fine line, however, between whether H.B. Fuller was morally responsible and if it had a moral obligation to intervene to help the issue.To understand this issue from both sides, it is also important to gain a locating from the corporate finance world. Understanding that the goal of a corporation is to increase the profits of its shareholders, H.B. Fuller really did not name a hearty obligation. If, howe... that it did not do?Although Fuller made every attempt it conceit was necessary to prevent its products from causing harm, it could obligate provided more intervention. First, H.B. Fuller should have put more research into mustard seed oil and its effect on adhesives like the United States chemical companies had done. Research into this solving would inquire consulting with the FDA to solidify positive results. This could have very well been an easy solution to Fuller and the Latin American children. Second, Fuller should have decided to surrender its product earlier than it did. If it did make this decision, then all sales should be eliminated, not just to retailers but to industrial vendors as well. Lastly, the company should have communicated more effectively with its parent company in the US to ponder a sound plan to addressing its ethical dilemma.

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Who are the People rating movies? Essays -- Essays Papers

Who are the volume rating movies? Parents can determine if they want to allow their children to watch authentic movies by using the film rating constitution. The film rating system went into effect on November 1, 1968. Even though the decision of whether or non to use the film rating system is voluntary, the vast majority of theaters in The United States enforce the Classification and Rating organizations guidelines. This was a voluntary system sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of the States and the National Association of Theatre Owners. The Motion Picture Association of the States (MPAA) was founded in 1922 as membership-based business association of the American film industry. At first, the Motion Picture Association of America had the responsibility of combating the waves of criticism of American movies. In addition, the Association worked to reestablish a positive view from the human beings for the motion picture business. Since the 1920s, the Motion Picture Association of America has great(p) to reflect the change of the expanding industry. The film rating system was also sponsored by the National Association of Theatre Owners. This association is the largest exhibition trade brass section in the world. It represents 26,000 movie screens in all 50 states and in more than than 20 countries worldwide. The National Association of Theatre Owners purpose is to preserve, enhance, and promote the magic of going to the movies. The Film Rating Board of the Classification and Rating Administration are the individuals who account films. They view each film and discuss how it should be rated. They attempt to rate a film according to how they believe parents would rate the movie. Written by Aaro... ...Entertainment Group. (2003). Who enforces the ratings? Movie Ratings Q&A. Retrieved February 10, 2004, http//www.regalcinemas. com/movies/ratings.htmlThe Associated Press (2003, July 7). K.C. movie theater starts enforcing new-fashioned age policies Cinemark palace bans children younger than six. Retrieved February 20, 2004, from http// entertainment/story/123581The experience of the ratings. (2000). Retrieved March 26, 2004, from http//www.mpaa.orgThe Classification & Rating Administration (2000). Reasons for movie ratings. Retrieved March 3, 2004, from http//www.filmratings.comTopher manifold godzilla movie ratings. (1998-2000). Retrieved February 13, 2004, from do ratings mean & who applies them. (2004). Retrieved February 13, 2004, from http//

Argument for Increasing American Immigration Essay -- Argumentative Ess

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched withstand of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.This inscription, which is nominate on the Statue of Liberty, greeted years of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island to America. It calls the idealized view of the United States as a nation of immigrants, where anyone can achieve the American dream. However, does this accurately describe our in-migration policy today? Our current policy is better depict by this version, written by Chris Willey (Willey et al.) Give me your athletes, your scientists, Your artists, writers, and actors, Your politicians and businessmen. Send these, the best and brightest, to me. To these lies vindicated the golden door You can keep the rest.Under current U.S. immigration laws, it is not difficult for those immigrants labeled as desirable to receive admitt ance. The immigration Act of 1990 created new categories of immigrants. Within the employment category, first preference was devoted to aliens with extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, multinational executives... (Richmond 143). It may be true that these original and skilled people have just as much of a right to pursue the American dream as anyone else. But do we, as Americans, have the moral right to exclude the needy from our clownish?Refugees have two basic choices. They can apply to their home country, or they can try to settle in another country. Most refugees, however, cannot return home because conditions in their native country have not changed sufficiently to eliminate the problems from whi... ...ess, Boulder, CO, 1996.The Holy Bible. bracing Revised Standard Version. Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, 1989.Hunter, Gordon, ed. Immigrant Voices. Signet Classic, New York, NY, 1999.North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environm ental Assistance. Environmental Facts. http//, James. The Elements of moralistic Philosophy. 3rd edition. McGraw-Hill, Boston, 1999.Richmond, Anthony. Global Apartheid. Oxford University Press, Toronto, 1994.Singer, Peter. Practical Ethics 2nd edition. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK 1993.Social cringe Press. The Social Contract Archives. http//www.thesocialcontract.comWilley, Chris Saunier, David and Mendez, Garry. Reinscribing the Statue of Liberty. Horizon Magazine, Jan 1998. http//

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A Feminist Perspective of Measure for Measure and The Merchant of Venic

A Feminist Perspective of Measure for Measure and The Merchant of Venice Isabellas only cause could be in saying no, her no to Angelo that she would not leave the institution ravaged and soulless, no to Claudio that she would sacrifice herself, no to the nunnery that she had wished to enter or no to the Dukes offer of marriage. Isabellas role ability to be self-determining was quite different from Portias advocacy in The Merchant of Venice, for Isabella was the similarlyl of the Duke, fulfilling his scripting. Her nuns dress up should have ensured a neuter role, and she intended her pity and love for her associate to involve her in this world only so far as to counsel him in honour. Despite her self concept, two men of the world with power over her saw her as a beautiful sexual object to be acquired. Against this, Isabellas strength was in theological purity, going sequential to the sense of the Gospels. We cannot cast the first stone. We must have lenity for others, becau se he which is the top of judgement had mercy on us. Because the censors usually eliminated the word God, references were oblique, plainly t here(predicate) could be no real substitution of Jove or the gods here where the sense was so very New Testament. Isabella was preaching to a indian lodge which had gone far in condemnation and execution in the identify of religion she was a beacon of clear light.Portia actively sought mercy as the greatest response and carefully gave Shylock every resource to release the bond which held him when she stage-managed the last-minute dramatic revelation, showing that he too could be forfeit. Significantly, the advocacy of both Portia and Isabella was the same mercy must be applied to the law. Could a Dukes one gateway denouement be... ...d expanded, and the whole prospered on the servitude and devotion of women. Petruchio did his bit, as did Isabellas Duke, so that protectionism was the right end and repository for womens personal identity an d role. Yet in the next section Benedick will undertake his match, and that paragon, Portia, will tactfully remain within the rhetorical framework of male supremacy, costuming her more able endeavours....i Jill Bavin-Mizzi, Ravished (Sydney University of New South Wales Press, 1995).ii Margaret Thornton, Women as fringe dwellers of the jurisprudential community, in Sex, Power and Justice (Oxford Oxford University Press, 1995), p. 190. third Charlotte Lennox (ne Ramsay), 1729 -1804, actress and poet,Women Reading Shakespeare 1660-1900, An anthology of criticism, ed. Ann Thompson and Sasha Roberts (Manchester Manchester University Press, 1997), pp. 17-18.

General Information about Anthrax :: Anthrax

The affection Anthrax derives its name from the Greek word anthracis, which subject matter coal. This name is in response to the characteristic black, coal-like central regions primed(p) on the anthrax skin lesions that appear in the cutaneous (tissue) chance variable of the disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)). Although the 2001 letter attacks brought it widespread attention, anthrax has been around throughout history in many different aras. For example, the twenty percent and/or sixth plagues of Egypt that occurred during the time of Moses (1250 B.C.) are thought to represent the soonest historical reports of the disease, due to the systemic and cutaneous forms of the disease(Turnbull). In addition, its coming into court has been noted in areas such(prenominal) as Asia Minor during the siege of troy weight and its description has been found in the works of many famous authors such as Homer, Hippocrates, Varro, Virgil, and Galen. This leads to the idea that the Greeks and Romans were swell acquainted with it (Turnbull). From then on its display may have occurred in France, England, Germany, Hungary and Poland. It wasnt until the 1700s when its appearance was account in America in animals. And within the next 100 age or so, Anthrax was being used by biologists to help with the increase of science. Robert Koch, in 1876, established Bacillus anthracis as the first proven bacterial cause of a human disease. His work led to the development of Kochs Postulates, a set of diagnostic criteria still used by microbiologists at once (Nester). Also, the vaccine for anthrax, developed by Louis Pasteur in 1881, was the first effective alive vaccine for a bacterial disease. All of these account accounts, as well as other scientist journals in the late 1700s and 1800s, show that this disease is not new to the human race.Anthrax is a highly infectious disease caused by Bacillus anthracis that infects animals including humans. The disease i s more common in large herbivores but can also infect humans who are exposed to diseased animal tissue or bacterial spores of the disease. These herbivores admit cattle, sheep, horses, goats, and pigs as well as wild populations of deer, elephants, buffalo, and others. Incidents of anthrax among animals have been reported by 82 countries, however, these countries are limited to those with weak public veterinary surgeon health programs (Friedlander). Therefore, humans who live in these countries are of high-risk of getting the disease through different means of transmission.

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Differing Opinions of Bleak House Essay -- Bleak House essay

Differing Opinions of spare accommodateWhen staring(a) House, by Charles Dickens, was published in 1853, it did not go unnoticed by critics. The reviews of the period where anything provided tepid in stride or opinion in regard to Dickens newest novel. Most notably, the critics were pertain with the structure of the novel, lawsuitization, and, in particular, Esther as a plausible character. By singling step up reviewers from different publications of the time, it is possible to see what the public in 1853 was reading about(predicate) lancinate House in regard to these issues.StructureThe contemporary reviewers of Bleak House fall into two categories when discussing its structure. There are those who like it and in that location are those who do not. More specifically, those who dislike the novels aspect complain of the absence of plot and lack of connection between characters and their actions. argue this view are the reviewers who find the characters in Bleak House unm istakably intertwined in the story, especially since it was written as a series for a literary magazine.One of the strongest of these critics is George Brimley, who, in his article entitled Dickenss Bleak House published in The Spectator in 1853, writes that Bleak House is, even more than its predecessors, chargeable with not simple faults, but absolute want of construction(161). He finds that the structure of Bleak House fails because there is no connection between actors and incidents. Brimley points to the interest of Richard Carstone in the chancery case. The case only serves to draw out Carstones personality faults that would deem been drawn out in any other interest he may have had. The Chancery case, then, is trivial for it fails to exert any certain impact on the characters... ...made more probably by the fact that she is the chronicler of her cause perfection(161). Chesterton concludes, Miss Summerson in some ways is a failure (166). Individuals encountering life-chang ing moments would be swayed and impacted greatly, unlike Esther, whose enduring calmness and optimism restrains her to the fictional role.The character of Esther is widely criticized for her perfection as a character, both receiving positive acclaims and damaging feedback. Esthers reserved, quiet character illustrates the role of women during the Victorian period and what lowly impact on society women played. Critics of Bleak House generally compliment the narration and Dickenss use of Esthers character, which gives direction to the novel. works CitedHarris, Laurie Lanzen, ed. Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism. Vol. 8. Detroit Gale Research Company, 1981.

Kuwait :: essays research papers

"After unmatchable year from the ratification of this article the manufacture,sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof fromthe United States and all land subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited."-18th Amendment, Section 1, 1919     Those linguistic communication initiated the acclivity of organize crime in America. With the closing of saloons and pubs, speakeasies sprung up bid wildflowers around the country. Bootlegging and rum running became underground businesses, while the rise of mob bosses thrived.Mostly associated with the Italian nationality, criminal gangs were alive in the informal city. These gangs were mostly dominated by the Irish. It was not until the 18th amendment, that the Irish became the ashes, and the Italians come up from the flames. While today the Mob, and the Mafia are the common terms associated with organized cr ime, otherwise terms are also applied. Those being the Outfit, the Syndicate, and La Cosa Nostra. La Cosa Nostra was a phrase coined by Charles "Lucky" Luciano and Meyer Lansky, meaning "this thing of ours". loot is perhaps infamous for its role in organized crime, earning a moniker from some as the bootlegging capital of the United States. Chicago was family unit to notorious gangsters like John Torrio and Al "Scarface" Capone. The geography of the city helped advertize and import alcohol from Canada, thus aiding the Mafia in their growth.The St. Valentines sidereal day Massacre made the tension against Capones South side, to George "Bugs" Morans jointure side known to the world, ultimately decimating Morans men. As Capone made his posture known in Florida, seven of Morans men were slaughtered inside a warehouse. Frank Gusenburg, one of the seven victims, lived long enough to inform the patrol that "Nobody shot me"."By banding tog ether and aiding each other in case of trouble,by obtaining rightfulnessyers and advancing funds, the criminal element has strengthen its position, not only in this city, but in almost both large city in the country. The ring leaders in the proceeding are old offenders and from their former experiences have a wider knowledge of the law thanmany policemen."-Philadelphia Associated Press, 1923Although Chicago was the only city the thrived in organized crime. mod York, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Detroit were among those who had individuals involved in the Mafia. Detroit, being close to the Canadian border, was a study area for bootlegging. The liquor imported to Detroit was then exported to Capone in Chicago.

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Abortion - An Unborn Child is a Human Being! :: abortion argumentative persuasive argument

Abortion - An Unborn boor is a Hu part Being        The founding of entire nation was regretful on the principle that all men ar created equal low the law.  This is the essence of our Declaration of Independance and the philosophy behind the Constition.  We, through history, have make certain that ALL people in this country have comparability before the law.  We have set uup the premise that all people are equal before the law. Lady Justice is blind to Race, Religion, _________ .  We have declare that there is no such thing as sub- human beings -- and that NO human beings rights are superior to another human being.        If we want to live by the premises that we set up in this country, wherefore we cannot overlook each human being -- NO ONE can be excluded.  at that place are, however, a human beings that is ignored the protection to thier rights to life everyday. The aborted minorren. I make bold th e negative to PROVE that a child in her mothers wound is resilient        Does the negative actually believe that a human being is alive(predicate) when and scarce when a human being has fully developed?  If this is true, because most of here are not alive.  The human specie is only fully grown at adulthood, many of us here are not adults yet -- and by that definition, it wouldnt matter if your shot and killed on the street because your not fully developed.  We are a stage in development -- teenager -- erect like a child is, just like a toddler is, just like an old man is, and just like a aborted child is.  There is no magical transformation that occurs when a child is born.  He has the same basic necessarily to survive before he is born, and the same needs after he is born.        The negative is going to attempt to make you believe that the differnce in attribute of a unborn child is so great that these children do not resemble what we call alive.  They want you to believe that a unborn child cannot feel pain.  Can an unborn child feel pain?  If it can, then does that not resemble life? If they do successfully make you have got this

A Simple Proposal Essay -- essays research papers

A SIMPLE proffer study League Baseball has credibly some of the most kindle players in sports today. Players such as Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter make watching baseball game fun. But there are some people in Major League Baseball that I have forgotten who display probably more talent than those 3 combined. The people that I am public lecture about, are the umpires.You might be shocked when I say that solely believe me, they are great athletes. Can you imagine working in the same conditions they do? To do this, you would need to be able to deadlock up to managers kicking dirt at you as well as dealing with players arguing at you for calls you have made that should have no controversy over. Working an entire season does wear d...