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Thematic Essay: Happy Endings

p Thematic Essay : elated EndingsThematic Essay : happy Ending by Margaret Atwood (Name (Institution (Instructor s name (Course Thematic Essay : gifted Endings by Margaret AtwoodIn this essay , I examine the short sum up , Happy Endings by Margaret Atwood and how the Canadian author tackled the of get by and the opposite ways it is portrayed in human relationships and conglutination , as hale as examined writing styles as used in the narrative . For my conclusion I will elaborate on the richness of mania and dream in making marriages set aside as well(p) as emphasize on the criticality of attack up with an original and authentic literary workIn this bill , Atwood cogitate on both the mechanics of writing and the personal effects of sex activity stereo typewrite , as well as challenged who rely on the stereo natural characterization of men and women and to the reader who accepts such g closeer typing . At the alike(p) time , she challenged different to more well examine typical literary convention . Happy Endings has six baloney versions that founder a different scenario of what Through abstract of Happy Endings by Margaret Atwood happens to the main characters , John , Mary , Madge and FredThree main themes surface from this story . These themes are that the story depicts bourgeois determine portrays marriage and romance and illustrates writing conventions . Touching on middle-class set , Atwood represents these values in her story as an fragment of the society . In doing so , the characters in the story eat uporse them even in the more troublesome aspects of the stories . In tackling marriage and romance the story revolves around the fulfillment that marriage brings . use material winner and ease of life as the criteria to specialize a winning marriage , John and Ma ry sure as pellet have built one . Romance! , on the separate hand , excessively emerges as an important theme . The merge versions of the story mimic the trajectory of cliched romance novels , which end with the hero and the heroine living happily ever after . Atwood too parodies some typical plots of romantic novels , which include murder , felo-de-se infidelity , and disease . Lastly , Atwood also dealt with writing conventions in the story by way of experimentation . Atwood s text in the story is self-referential as she explicitly refers to events that have happened earlier on , as well as the mechanics and elements of writing duet directly and indirectly , Atwood addresses the whole notion of how an author develops a story . In addition , Atwood s work also challenges to ennoble authentic worksFrom the above information and opinions , I conclude that for a more different and effective way of writing , authenticity is important for to value . I also conclude that love in marriage or any kind of relationship ne eds romance to be its companion in for these relationships to fit as romance is the oil that keeps friction from wearing come out of the closet the relationshipReferencesBookRags and Thomson Gale (2006 . Happy endings study guide . Retrieved February 28 , 2008from http / web .bookrags .com /studyguide-happyendingsHYPERLINK http / entanglement .answers .com /happy-endings-story-4 CyberParent (2006...If you want to get a to the full essay, order it on our website:

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