Saturday, January 25, 2014

U.S.S. Maine

capital of Cuba, Feb.15. - A terrible detonation took place on mesa of the United States cruiser Maine in the Havana Harbor. The U.S.S Maine was move by President William McKinley on January 24 1898 to the harbor at Havana to protect the American lives and property. Almost 200 work force were each killed or wounded in this horrible explosion. As of at a time the ca enforce of the explosion is not apparent. After the explosion on that point were some(prenominal) tensions between the United States and Spain over Cubas emancipation. The sinking of the of import created umpteen problems for both(prenominal) Cuba and Spain regarding Cubans independence and the intervening of the United States to concern them. Cuba should not collect independence or fight for their freedom from Spain because there could be umpteen problems that would hurt Spain. The riots did not stupefy from Spanish soldiers and were evidently exaggerated that they would cause these riots to occur. Cuban n ewspapers that I experienced in Cuba were trash talking the Spanish military and its officers in many places I went. Cuba was the most flourishing and prosperous territory Spain had controlled and would be a vast tragedy both economically and politically if they gained their own independence. Although the U.S consistently continued to outlet profit of Spains weak situation in its fight with Cuba the opinions of the bulk from Spain remained strong to not let go of Cuba and let them ask over independence. The United States should not get involved with our conflicts with Cuba equitable because it would near to them, and should not help Cuba withstand a novelty for its independence against Spain. I believe from reports that the explosion was a have a go at it accident. U.S Citizens although believed that it was not an accident because they were already so upset near the treatment of Cubans and Yellow Journalism had them fateing to declare war against Spain. McKinley who w as the U.S president at the time asked the C! ongress for liberty to use force in Cuba to help Spain. He wanted to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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