Friday, January 24, 2014

Amercia Post World War Ii

America Post beingness War II The deposit together States has spank legion(predicate) struggles since its birth. The eon after arena War II is no exception. This nation has fought many wars unlike and domestic to cherish the lifestyle and organization our founding fathers created. The fall in States rejoiced in their success over a crazed Nazi dictator and Japanese Emperor who motivationed to take over the world save this victory was at a heavy(p) cost. Post World War II was a time for rebuilding a nation that suffered financially, physically, and emotionally. Americans wanted to return to a semi prescript life and pursue the American realise; a dream of freedom to buy a house, a car, to pursue an education, and the prospect to work in a suppose of their choice. The celebration was compendious lived because even though our military returned prideful our nations security was still being panicened. The newly enemy was communism and the fear of another type of war, a nuclear war. Americans looked to their leaders for answers to this growing threat, a threat that many Americans felt undermined their beliefs, their government their way of lifestyle; A unwarmed War that would refinement for three decades. The 1950s was a time of unrest in the country because of the aggressive spread of communism worldwide and the threat of a nuclear holocaust Americas were comical of anyone who voiced or lived differently than what was presumed normal. Joseph McCarthy, a Republican senator from Wisconsin, took reinforcement of this hysteria to hike up his career. He announced to the American people that he had a list of known commie that were operating within the United States government. This announcement shook the very core of every chauvinistic American. Americans demanded these communist be identified and remove from within our government. Although Senator McCarthy could never elicit the list the hysteria go alo ng and many Americas were incorrectly accuse! d of being communists resulting in the passing play of their jobs....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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