Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why Schools Should Pay College Athletes

Many batch look at college jocks to be just kids playing sports, plainly once people micturate what they go through thusly they will understand wherefore they should be paid. How do college athletes back out c ar of living expenses if they be non allowed to work? non all families are fit to obligate care of their responsibilities and comprise care of a college athlete. As a matter of fact, they are non even allowed to correct their own entry. Coaches receive everywhere a million dollars a twelvemonth for signing contracts. I find that half of what a coach makes should be stick in half for apiece player.\nWhy are college athletes not allowed to work? The coach feels that working can interfere with the players normal time. Honestly, a college athlete nevertheless receives scholarships and grants and they are only luxuriant to pay for tuition, books and living on campus. Once all that is paid they really do not have any capital left. College athletes are still relying on their mothers or fathers because they cannot sign jobs to comprise care of their own bare expenses. Scholarship and grant cash in hand do not belong forever. Its hard for a college athlete to rely on their parents if their parents are struggling too.\nThey are not allowed to make their own memorial because the coach thinks they know best. sometimes a college athlete goes to shoal to play ball because they cannot take up what they really take to major in. Even though its just an extracurricular, it still takes off students from their school time, therefore, I think they should be paid. If you are not going to pay them, because why can they not make their own schedule!\nCoaches are receiving over a million dollars a year from signing contracts. They wouldnt be acquiring that if it was not for that student. In the article, Should College Student-Athletes Be Paid? Jalen Rose state that, [m] y solution of providing a $2,000 per semester stipend to student-athletes will at least offer these kids a drop in the put to cover livin... If you want to get a full essay, purchase order it on our website:

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