Monday, October 17, 2016

The Deadly Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus became history on News in 2014. every news channel was talk of the town about the distempers. The Ebola virus is hugely a deadly disease in the West Africa continents much(prenominal) as Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Liberia, and Guinea, and the united States. Mainly, Ebola sacred a pass on of good deal in those Africa countries because they did non expect any be restored for it. The Ebola virus is a direful symptoms. Many volume died from Ebola distributively day. My friend went to Liberia to visit her family forward this Ebola came up. She is a citizen in the unite States. She could non even go anywhere because she did not compulsion to get affected by the virus. She told me that umteen families were indoors because of Ebola. Although when she goes out, she have to dress properly to not catch the virus. Even though Ebola is a deadly diseases, I thought the News reporters were oer doing because they kept saying Africa or West Africa most of the time. the g reat unwashed were suggesting the boarder or airlines to Africa should closed. If I can recall Ebola was in only four continents in West Africa, and later Nigeria was out. The vicious part is, there is no cure for the innocent pack dying every day. In America some people were cured from it. The Ebola illness is violent death many innocent people internationally, but they should have a cure for the West African continents that are still paltry so that the death prise will decrease.\nIn straight offs society, Ebola is threatening everybody all in West Africa or the United States. A victim starts off to get care a flu, sore throat, or fever. Imagine if the person has families and they do not come whether he or she has been infected to Ebola. though the family member might destine it is just a unbroken sickness until the victim starts to shed blood. This disease is out of match and spreads very quickly. When the outbreak of Ebola was expose in West Africa, many people did not know how to prevent themselves from the disease. That cause...

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