Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Unit 8 Project

Tosha Collins Kaplan University HR400 Employment and Staffing Unit 8 Project prof Walters 12/11/2011 This housedidate seems like a perfect fit. They withstand only of the necessary qualifications, a great- touching resume, the interview went extremely well, alone the backcloth check came back with a illegal record. What do I do? This decision has fitting gone from a no brainer to a possible no hire. Just because thithers a criminal record doesnt look upon you back or should weakened off the prospective employee. The EEOC guidelines nominate that a company must have a subscriber line indispensableness to deny employment to an applicant based on a criminal record (Eeoc focus on, 2010). Per the EEOC, there be cardinal things that an employer needs to consider. They are, consider the personality of the job, consider the character and solemness of the shame, and consider the amount of time that has passed since the criminal application took place. When considering the nature of the job, I must look at whether he can be trusted to be a supervisory program out cover as he has a reason that gives me that possible perspective that he may not be in his right mind while working. Considering the nature and the staidness of the offense, I would be looking at the type of comportment he has and the head of seriousness that it was given. Most importantly, I sine qua non to see how very much time has passed. If this was something that was done 6 years ago and he has paid his dues to society, there is a possibility that I could unbosom hire this person. If they have just received this charge, then I would definitely have to adduce no to hiring this individual. Just because a prospective employee has a criminal record doesnt mean you can or should cut the ties. Instead, this is the time to take actions that are consistent with your companys employment screening polity (Gaul). My last option for this candidate, sh ould the offense be old, is to have him go f! or a drug screening. This way, I would know if the individual is and so a...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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