Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mental Map

My stand for isnt as precise as an actual utilisation of the arena. The map I drew has all the places and spots on the world I am most acquainted(predicate) with. I bed my continents and major oceans rattling rise. I got them all. The countries I am most familiar be the countries from Asia and focusing on the nub East. Firstly, I was innate(p) in India, so I get together out the major cities of India really well, such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Indias pileus city, New Delhi. I am overly familiar with Indian states such as Maharashtra, in which i was born in. I also cognize the Middle East really well because Ive been to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain many times. In Saudi I complete the two cities of Mecca and Medina, they are the holy cities for Muslims around the world who fare at that place each year for the pilgrimage called Hajj. I know about the Middle East, since I am Muslim. I know part of the Caribbean because I lived in Barbados for about 4 years. My ma p does have biases and preferences on some areas over separates because Ive lived in those original areas and know more(prenominal) about certain areas more than others because of a religious and cultural background. I included the major rivers, such as the Mississippi, Nile and Amazon river. I feel exchangeable those are the rivers a lot of people know about. I also have mountain ranges listed such as the rasping Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains from the United States. The worlds largest mountain range, the Himalayas are on there as well. The Himalayas are bordered by India and Nepal and parts of China. I calculate I know the parts Ive studies or lived in beautiful well, and need to learn more about other places.If you take to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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