Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Name:____________ Date:____________ Directions: Choose from the list given the overtake answer of the questions given ( 10 points each) 1. The most important state knowledge to have before learning ASL is to understand: a. The magic trick of deaf people b. The way deaf people sleep with c. The role of affectionateness contact d. None of the above 2. What is considered barbarous in Deaf culture? a. not maintain a silent environment b. non maintaining eye contact c. non practicing your ASL d. Not going to class. 3. The bea in which most point outs are make in normal conversation is called: a. Non-dominant shoes b. Dominant space c. fool space d. None of the above 4. Facial expressions need two things when use decently with signs. They are: a. Your smile and your personality b. Your signing and your affection c. Your emotion and ASL grammar d. None of the above 5. do the right signs in the wrong place affect meaning. a. countenance b, fictional 6. Part of signing clearly is understanding that ASL makes __________ sense. a. communicative b. Visual c. Language d. None of the above 7. harmonise to your quash ASL book, an ASL student must show frustration if he/she feels that he/she is trying hard with facial expression and the ASAL instructor wants to a greater extent a. True b. False 8. Fingerspelling is an important part of ASL as substantially as a substitute for signs a. True b. False 9. ASL is broken batch into five separate features to represent a single sign called? a. Paramount b. Prosody c. Perimeter d. controversy 10. Most signs are made in front of the ca daver in a comfortable location. a. Tru! e b. FalseIf you want to pay off off a full essay, order it on our website:

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