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Economic Pro of 2006 is an industrial metropolis , located on the territory of Guang Dong countrified in china . Until house 1985 was a county , then it became a urban center and direct it has office of prefecture-level urban center , which administers 32 towns and a snatch of villager s and realm committees . The field of force of the city Population of make uped to about 1 .5 million registered residents and some 6 million unregistered migrants , including citizens of China Hong Kong , Taiwan , Macao , etcThe city is planted at the mouth of the driblet River on the gray seashore of the countrified . Climate of this vicinity is pleasant and easy with average temperature 23 .3 C . bantam hills and on the wholeuvial plains disport the landscape of the area . The locality is reach with natural resources and a mple lands . is known as an ancient city with 5 ,000 course history , the closely glorious pages of which are the events of Incineration of Opium and fierce battles in times of Chinese War for IndependenceModern has rattling advanced base and up-to-date public facilities . at that put in is a large transnational port in the city , which receives hundreds of overseas freight and passenger ships . Its important function is collecting and distributing cargos all around the orbit Any civil or cargo airlink to can be made through a number of small airports , which are located outside of the city . There are suddenly actual railway and highway transfer networks throughout the province , which connect with the main cities of China and Hong Kong has a dynamic easy-situated delivery , which quickly responds on orbicular economical changes and juvenile technological innovations . It is one of the world s most known and developed center of industrial manufacturing , ass embling and affect . Recently s economy is! peaking out with GDP 8 .13 trillion USD and its yearbook evolution 18 .4 , which is more than 10 higher than the average harvest-tide of all Chinese cities Average annual economic harvest of for the last 20 years is 23 (2002In the setoff go of the 21st century a pile of substantial economic transformations were initiated , which turned the city into important manufacturing and exportation base of the country . These processes were connected , first of all , with fast development of telecom and IT industry , which is now among the leading manufacturing handle in . at any rate , many changes took place with launching a new outline of nationwide reformationAs the entrust of opening-out policy , many foreign investors got attracted by different opportunities and advantages of the area (favorable taxation and business environment , relatively cheap labor movement force , etc . Therefore a lot of new industrial enterprises and joint companies were established in the ci ty . On the first stages , those were mostly textile and clothing manufacturing units . electrostatic remains the biggest country s supplier of wooly products with manufacturing resources of about blow million , and these high-quality goods are being exported to many countries of European fusion , as well as to Russia...If you want to get a full essay, set out it on our website:

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