Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Colleen and Anorexia Nervosa

This is a straightforward story around a aesthesis of mine named Colleen and she has Anorexia Nervosa. Colleen is lonesome(prenominal) 16 grades old and near 100 pounds at her normal and appealing tip. She became insecure round her tilt due to a variety of issues and sadly became abandoned to losing weight. Colleen chose to lose weight by nearly starving herself and practice herself into a frenzy. She ate only plain salads and low-fat or non-fat foods which was heretofore enough to keep a rabbit alive. She exercised incessantly and repoint taught aerobics at a womens health club. Unfortunately, Colleen succeeded in her weight loss and in a little less than one(a) year she was down to a s bottomty 60 pounds and she was so weak, she finish up in the hospital.         So present we are most a year later and Colleen is non preferably 17 long time old and being force provide through encroaching(a) tubes because she refuses to eat. At times she would even puff of air the tubes surface because she was angered that her skeletal- akin body was gaining weight. Colleen was oblivious to the fact that she could scare; she upright did not come out to care.         I am here to express Colleen of two main realities. The first thing is not only regarding the damage she is doing to her body, but what she is also doing to herself psychologically. The second honesty is, that though it whitethorn seem impossible at this time, there is well-situated at the end of tunnel though it may seem to be filled with muck and mire.         First of all, I would like to inform Colleen to bed that there are indeed true consequences to her starving her body. Clearly, just the mere fact that she is hospitalized is a disposed sign. I am... --References --> ! Youve written a good essay on a debilitating condition. Anorexia Nervosa afflicts many young women specially and can have tragic consequences. Centering the report around your companion gave it a human interest quality which was preferably impressive in sustaining interest. Your paper was well documented and researched. great(p) job! This is such an interesting essay,the personal touch is highly effective. I know that there is a problem with how the media acquaint the body beautiful, but there is also a tendency to reprove the media entirely for these problems. If this was the subject area then everyone would suffer from this disease and this is ostensibly not the case. at that place is a self-esteem issue here, which makes an exclusive doubt themselves to such an extent as not to hitch the media critically. The media may be a contributing factor, but it sure as injure cannot held to be a sole cause. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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