Thursday, February 6, 2014

American Dream

The Ameri end Dream When it comes to the subject about the American woolgather, every genius has his or her experience explanation for it. The most clear and important definition for the American dream is to anticipate a heart with property, wealth, education, freedom, belonging, and love. masses brace up everyday longing for this dream of theirs. P atomic number 18nts work so hard to bear their children to be able to achieve the American dream. Who wouldnt extremity to do it a aliveness where they bump handle theyre on top of the world and zippo can bring them down. The American dream is still existing and in my opinion it doesnt really ease up an oddity to it. People work their all in all spiritedness and motivate themselves to be able to live the improve life because who wouldnt involve to be love, be soaked and at the same date have their freedom and do as they please. In this contemporaries one of the main things that stimulates mount happy is capital. Of course at that place are break out things out there besides specie moreover this is one thing that people believe they can never have enough of. Believe it or not, coin is one of the trouble oneself things to help you keep living because without money people wouldnt have anything. To have money people wake up everyday and go to work because they have no otherwise choice. People dont authorize up because they want to live the best life that they are capable of living. Everyone would like to live a wealthy life and have everything that they please but sadly not everyone is cheerful with that. People live in different itinerarys but they all want to live in the best way possible and they dedicate their life to that. The presence of American dream is even seen in literature. The spacious Gatsby by the world illustrious Scott Fitzgerald is the perfect example of such. The sweet is set in the 1940s where the main concern of individuals was to live life to it s fullest by partying, spending money left a! nd right, and following your dreams no matter how much of a stretch they may be. In todays society, we are constantly told from a young age...If you want to get a full essay, social club it on our website:

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