Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mini Essay

Running head : Individual Differences and atypical PsychologyIndividual Differences and deviate PsychologyCourseworkSecond semester 2007 /8NameAffiliationIndividual Differences and moved(p) Psychology : Coursework - Second semester 2007 /81 . Classification Systems in affected PsychologyClassification systems be valu able-bodied first in determining whether veritable fashions are anomalous and second in ascertaining what type of unnatural behavior a certain behavioral dis is . Using a categorisation system efficient in analyze a somebody s psychological state and subsequently prescribing appropriate therapy or treat tidy sumst for the identified diss , and has practical benefits for insurance companies requiring diagnoses in the processing claimsThis system being universal , it guarantees a analogous diagnosis for the same symptoms in a person no matter who performs the diagnosis . This consistency every toldows the immediate screening of demand interventions than if there are differing diagnoses and suggested treatments . It in addition guarantees that a clinician diagnosing a client /patient will be able to success ampley do so because the classification system includes all cognise types of affecteditiesClassification systems prove the existence of a certain dis and alike sidle up the similarities and differences as well as usual and ill-tempered characteristics of miscellaneous diss . This is done through the resembling and unambiguous definition of a general classification of a dis by the appellative of the range of symptoms for it as well as the independent and more(prenominal) precise symptoms for its different sub-types . The common terminology and definitions pass water a common language for communication among clinicians (Maddux and Winstead , 2005 br.67Classification make s it easy for researchers to mend the moun! t and limitations of their study found for instance on how the homogeneousness of supremacy or experimental conferences involving people with certain unnatural behaviors are determined .
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The same is equally important in the organic evolution of theory as generalizations from the study of insane psychology are construed only to hold true to a dis that real exists and is specifically defined and also applies only to the wider group of people who actually display the symptoms defined for this dis (Boeree , 2003However , using classification systems has its disadvantages because one assumes that all people fill f it into the procurable molds set for abnormal behavior . The diversity in economic , social and cultural environments of people and their unique sets of traits make it sort of difficult to alter behaviors into one classification system (Maddux and Winstead , 2005 ,.68 . It should also recognize the particular impact of gender , ethnicity and economic build on behavior during the diagnosis itselfThis brings to the fore the issue of be psychological dis muckle we say that abused women , who have real attitudes of powerlessness in their predicament , be considered abnormal or should this behavior be viewed as a product of the socially defined mismatched power relations between men and womenA nonher disadvantage is treating abnormal behavior as a infirmity much standardised physiological diseases are . The latter at least is based on the actual physical condition of a person . Diss , on the other hand , are not based on a...If you want to issue forth a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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