Tuesday, November 26, 2013

James Longstreet

James Longstreet James Longstreet was born in confederation Carolina in 1821. He went to west headway with many other sooner a little who had big roles in the civil warfare including illusion pope, George Pickett, john bell hood, and a good help of his Ulysses S. Grant. Longstreet struggled academically and gradatory 54th in his class out of 56. aft(prenominal)ward graduating from west point he became a deputy sheriff in the U.S. off waney and served in the Mexican-American war. In 1861 Longstreet resigned from the U.S. army to fight for the south as a lieutenant colonel, but shortly after(prenominal) he was promoted to a brigadier global. He was given command of a brigade of three Virginia regi custodyts and fought a minor part at the prototypically battle of bull knead. Longstreet was promoted to a major general and then(prenominal) fought in the peninsula campaign at Yorktown, Williamsburg, and eventually drove McClellan gummed label down the peninsula. At the second battle of bull pass away Longstreet turned the tide of the battle when he tell arm on pope, and later led a invade on him pushing him back and forcing a retreat. At the battle of Antietam Longstreet utilize antisubmarine tactics to hold the confederate line, and shortly after the battle he was promoted to the souths senior lieutenant general.
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At the battle of Fredericksburg Longstreet set up great defending positions and trenches and had great success losing in truth few men and dimension the position. At the battle of Gettysburg Longstreet arrived late in the first twenty-four hour period m issing some of the fighting. On the second ! mean solar day Longstreet was order of magnitudeed to attack the unions left flank, the order was to attack early in the day but Longstreet disagreed with downwind and requested delays. Longstreet delayed the attack until later that evening and by that time the union had a strong defense set up and the attack was very unsuccessful. On the 3rd day Longstreet was ordered by general lee to organize a massive assault on the center of the union line. Longstreet potently disagreed and said he was true it was not...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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