Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Media and Teen Pregnancy

If you were to beg the average pueriler to the highest degree the content that they good weed on popular television shows, youd probably be interpreted by surprise. People find it so wakeful to blame the teen girls of today for getting themselves into the disreputable situation of existence pregnant, but how can you blame ONLY the girl? on that point argon so many misleading examples of obscene behaviors that celebrities and other than public figures portray to be acceptable. I, however, strongly disagree with this look; people find it easy to ignore this blatantly avowedly feature and solely blame teen maternal timbre on a girls bad finale making. In tack together to lower Americas percentages on the organisation should start implementing stricter policies for the regulations of media to control the glamorization of promiscuity. No matter what TV channel you turn to, it is highly apparent that you will obliterate up seeing something sexy both on a commercial or show. About 96 percent of exclusively teens who watch TV daily. So what is basically occurring can some be described as a tutorial on how they should be conducting their lives. Because as we all cheat kids will be kids and what do kids do? They tend to facsimile what they see. In access to explicit television, theres even so more to this. virtually everyone has a celebrity that they adore.
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Well the media has taken advantage of this fact and have begun to take young celebrities who are pregnant and exploiting their pregnancies as a way to get more views. This is completely unacceptable! Marina Khidekel clearly points this out in her article Coul! d Hollywood fast one You Into Getting Pregnant? when she ask her readers, Teen sex and pregnancy are all everyplace TV and movies- but do they tell the real boloney? Or do they whole works a dangerous seed that could change your life in an instant? (Khidekel, pg152, 2010). there are many shows that glamorize teenage pregnancy, whether or non it is intentional is not the point. The point is that there are far-off to many teens that know nothing about sex and...If you indirect request to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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