Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A developmental study of Alex in the Stanley Kubrick production of A Clockwork Orange using modern psychological theories

Synopsis of A Clockwork Orange         In A Clockwork Orange, the briny character is that of a mildly young child of 15 who, along with his logger friends, or Droogs, partake in evenings of immoderate-Violence. Ultra Violence consists of ergodic beatings, theft, destruction, and rape. The main character, Alex, is the self-proclaimed leader of the pack, and makes judgment on their actions pending on his mood. His Droogs eventually find themselves under his rail rule, following his all(prenominal) word, and decide to challenge his authority.         The three Droogs (Dim, Georgie, and Pete) join Alex on his gambol to a local fat farm to pillage the goods therein. Inside, Alex stumbles upon the owner of the resort, and aft(prenominal) a length scuffle with her, ends up giving her a excrescence to the head with a rather large, ceramic riposte of an rig penis. When he leaves the outer gates of the complex, Dim surprises him by flavour a milk bottle against his face. His counterparts escape objet dart minuscular Alex is left bleeding and blinded to deal with the police.         Upon scrutiny of Alex, he discovers that the blow he delivered to the young lady was a dark one. He is charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to 14 eld in prison. While there, he befriends the resident minister and baffles a henchman to his service. The minister, Alex soon discovers, is a part in a youthful form of manipulation that is trying to be utilise prisons to sustain cure inmates from committing acts of violence. Through luck and discussion with the higher officials in the prison, Alex is chose to be a guinea pig for the experiment, and is sent to become inoculated from violence.
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