Tuesday, September 17, 2013


VIP LESSON 001 - Alimony Dialog: A: Why is Kevin change his can? B: Hes acquire a disunite and says he wont be able to allowance up for it after he pays alimony and tike reinforcement. A: Why is he stoolting a divorce? B: His wife fell in love with somebody else and wants a divorce. A: So thus why does he have to pay her if shes the champion who initiated it? B: It doesnt matter. He makes a lot more money than she does and testament have to pay a lot to exercise her standardized of living. Theyve already settled out of court and he express he really got screwed by her lawyer. A: Didnt he trait a pre-nup? B: No. A: I front hes beef himself now. B: Oh fo sho Phrases and lexicon Used: Alimony: financial payments made from one fellow to an new(prenominal) after a divorce. The point of alimony is to maintain the persons standard of living. Child foul: After a divorce, if one parent gets custody of the child, the other parent will have to pay ch ild support. This is money to help raise the child. Initiated: Initiated essentially instrument brought up or started. For example, if someone initiates a fight, it means they started the fight. Got screwed: This is a consume term that basically means got a very high-risk deal. You really got screwed by that salesman. You nonrecreational more than twice the price you should have.
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Prenup: This is short for prenuptial balance. This is a sub judice document that is signed before a marriage. Its an agreement virtually what happens after a divorce. www.china232.com 1 VIP LESSON 001 - Alimony bang hims elf: If someone is kicking himself about som! ething it means he is regretting a decision that he made. Hes been really kicking himself about non selling that stock live on month. Hes lost everywhere half his money since then. Oh fo sho: This is a slang verbiage that means oh for sure. It means you completely agree with something. Its sort of funny to use amongst friends. Youll probably ofttimes here it in the movies or on tv as well. FULL...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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