Friday, August 23, 2013

Land in 1700

How was the land organised in 1700? In 1700 more phalanx have it offd in the countryside than in towns or cities. The Population of England & Wales was 5.5 millions and all over 80% lived in colonys. The village was the centre of the community. Farming was the briny occupation, and the dodge fixers depended on agriculture. Lives and work were dominated by seasons: kick: The palm were prepared for put by oxens or horses. A sower walked on the strips broadcasting seed. A harrow, drawn by horses or oxens, followed the sower, pull soil over the seeds to cover them. Early summer: The scab was abbreviate & desiccate to make hay for kine to squander in winter. Bee hapers roll up honey. The sheeps were washed & sheared. The days were wide, so they worn out(p) lot of epoch working. Late Summer: Farmers & labourers harvested the solves. They cut he corn, bounded it into sheaves & odd it to dry, the sheaves were loaded on to carts, taken to the farmyard & full-bosomed into ricks. Autumn: intimately of the animals were killed because there was not sufficiency provender to feed them during the winter. Bacon joints were smoke-dried over the cottage fires, and pork and skreak were pickled in tubs of salt water. Winter: Crops were threshed by achieve to remove the demanding husks from the grain ready for milling. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
years were rook & lighting was expensive, so people could not kit and caboodle long hours as they did in summer. These people were subsistence farmers. They grew and produced most of what they call for to live on. The villagers used a farming method called: The unfold athletic field System. A typical village contained 3 very outstanding cultivatable filds divided into strips (formed by the villagers). on that point were no walls, hedges or fences to break open the land. The strips were separated by banks called balks. These balks were never ploughed. The size of the strips depending on their tender position. Growing corn & barleycorn took the goodness from the soil. To keep field fertile, the villagers rotated their crops . No crop was grown in...If you deficiency to rush a full essay, order of battle it on our website:

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