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Read Marsh alto rewardher et al., Chapters 14-16, and complete written responses to the pastime exercises and problems implant at the residue of the assigned chapters in the school text: Chapter 14: pp. 564-573 E14.1 Production and purchases budgets. atomic number 79 Metal Productions, Inc., makes award medallions that atomic number 18 fain to laurel wreaths. Each medallion requires 18 inches of bay wreath. The gross sales events forecast for July is 4,000 medallions. Estimated groundwork word inventories and desired windup inventories for July atomic number 18: Estimated Beginning Inventory emergency Ending Inventory Medallions . 2,000 1,600 Ribbon (yards) ...... degree centigrade 40 Required: a. report the itemisation of medallions to be produced in July. Goods for sale = 4000 + 1600 = 5600 medallions Production = 5600 2000 = 3600 medallions (to be produced in July) b. Calculate the number of yards of ribbon to be purchased in July. Materials gettable = 1800 + 40 = 1840 yards of ribbon Purchases = 1840 100 (beginning inventory) = 1740 yards of ribbon to be purchased in July E14.5 Cash consider along budget. Columbia places sales ar all made on account. The firms accretion ingest has been that 25% of a months sales are collected in the month the sale is made, 60% are collected in the month pursuit the sale, and 14% are collected in the second month following the sale. The sales forecast for the months of January done April is: January . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
$120,000 February $140,000 shew $150,000 April ...$175,000 Required: Calculate the money collection that would be included in the money budgets for March and April. Projected gross revenue: January $120,000February $140,000March $150,000 April $175,000 |Cash |March |April | |25% current month...If you want to get a full essay, place it on our website:

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