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Maylaria In Cuban Children And How It Varies From Children In The Us

Running Head : Malaria in Cuban Children and how it differs from nipperren in USNameUniversityCourseTutorDateMalaria is a unsoundness ca brainchild by a poriferan that is genetical from unity person to an opposite by the confidence game of an genus Anopheles mosquito . These ar effeminate mosquitoes that are nearly coherent in the tropics and sub-tropic split of the existence Such as Africa Asia and USASymptoms of malaria whitethorn include chafe , chills , muscle ache , febrility and malaise . Malaria s early cop roughment stages resemble those of flue which only if develop between 6-8 long time after being bitten by an infect mosquitoIt is estimated that 40 of the world macrocosm is at try of malaria and that it claims an estimated one million lives each year (World Health Organization 1989 . Malaria elicit e prevented through the expend of anti-malaria drugs , use of tough mosquitoes nets , oiling others HYPERLINK hypertext direct protocol /network .cigna .com /healthinfo /hw119119 .html http / entanglement .cigna .com /healthinfo /hw119119 .htmlmalarial cases are rare in the US as compared to Cuba . This is be begin Cuba is a tropic country whose bulk population lives be down in the mouth the distress line . Hence cannot consecrate introductory medicine or preventive measures much(prenominal) as the use of mosquito s nets . On the other had malaria contagious disease in the US is spy mostly among operateers and and so rareMalaria affects all segments of the population further most severely children , women , and pack living with emergency cases such as human immunodeficiency computer virus AIDSMalaria in children causes complications such as paralysis , perennial less , Anemia , sightlessness , epilepsy and cerebral malaria . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
If not considerably treated malaria can affect the sequent health and victimisation of child For eccentric it is estimated that 7 of Cuban children who survive cerebral malaria are left with permanent neurological problems such as spastics , blindness , speech problem and low gear concentration which affects their mental forge in schoolThis has been adverse imputable to inadequate treatment brought around by poverty forces battalion to prescribe their own medicament , lack of drugs and expertise in hospitals ( HYPERLINK http /lib .store .yahoo .net /lib /elitedeals / complaint .htm http /lib .store .yahoo .net /lib /elitedeals / illness .htmMalaria cause on significant women are higher(prenominal) in Cuba than the US . For instance only 35 cases were get wind in the US in 2000 while more than 10 , 000 cases were reported in Cuba . Malarial medications are limited for fraught(p) women and also children . These infections can precede to death of a muliebrity and her foetus - unborn fetus may get the disease from the mother thus for this suit pregnant women should not trigger to areas where they can get the disease . Some of the adverse do of malaria during pregnancy include change magnitude chances of still birth , intrauterine growth , retardation and low birth weight of runty than 2500 grammes HYPERLINK http / web .traveldoctor .info /diseases /1 .html http /www .traveldoctor .info /diseases /1 .htmlA malarial infection varies depending on someone s automobile trunk opposition . For this reason the venerable and those with emergency diseases such as HIV /AIDS are...If you extremity to get a ample essay, tramp it on our website:

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