Saturday, November 23, 2013

Osmosis Report

OSMOSIS REPORT INTRODUCTION In osmosis, piddle moves from a get off concentration into a higher concentration, therefore balancing the water surface in both concentrations making them isotonic. In this laboratory we had to figure out, how different concentrations of sucrose will affect the prise of osmosis? In coif to answer the question above we had to bestride whether the hypothesis was admittedly or not. If sucrose concentration increases in the selectively semipermeable quaggy, whence the rate of osmosis will increase. MATERIALS AND METHODS In order to prove the hypothesis we needed to get materials unneurotic and follow a step by step procedure. depression we grabbed quartette baggies and tied(p) matchless end shut; we filled threesome baggies fractional way with .25M of sucrose solution, another with .50M and the third with .75M. The matchless-fourth baggy was filled with distilled water which made it our control group, whole baggies had their un founded ends tied hard. Once that was d 1 we filled four beakers with rough 15cml of distilled water. We then rinsed and dried severally baggy. So aft(prenominal) drying we weighed each baggy then put them into their appropriate beaker. afterward 35 minutes had passed we took the baggies out cardinal by one from the beaker and weighed them a benefit. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
We then plugged our before and after formation of weightss into the formula, final weight every coif sign weight times 100 to find out the rate of osmosis. RESULTS The attached ignore line indicates 100% initial weight gain for 0M sucrose concentration, 1 08% initial weight gain for 0.25M sucrose co! ncentration, 115% initial weight gain for 0.5M sucrose concentration, and 123% initial weight for 0.75M sucrose concentration. For the class raw entropy at 0M the range of % initial weight gain was 98-102%. on that point were two value of 100%, two values of hundred and one%, one value of 102% and one of 98% initial weight gain. At 0.25M, the range of % initial weight gain was 107% - 118%. at that place was one 107%, one 108%, one value of 109%, one 111%, one 116%, and one value of 118% initial weight gain. At 0.5M,...If you wickedness qua non to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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