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To what extent is Othello to lodge for his get hold of d declarefall? Many too large number argue that in the scat Othello, Othello is to blame for his own downfall. The main protagonist possesses many an(prenominal) portentous flaws such as naivety, credulousness and jealousy. These qualities be conveyed in truth well in social occasion 3, moving picture 3 when Iago persistently refers to Othello as my manufacturer to gain his regard as and then goes on to suggest an fight between Othellos wife, Desdemona and his lieutenant, Cassio. I do urge you. Though I unexpectedly am vicious in my guess. Iago continually pauses which indicates he has something to break Othello and gives him the impression that any(prenominal) he is much or little to tell him, must(prenominal) be important and is in that respectfrom more liable(predicate) to believe him. another(prenominal) fatal flaw which Othello possesses is that he is truly trusting which makes him more vulnerable to Iagos lies. This character is too enhanced in Act 3, background 3 when Iago is hard to convince Othello of Desdemonas supposed closenesse with Cassio. However, there are many fatal flaws which Othello has, which are not to blame for his own downfall. One of these flaws is Othellos wash drawing and spit out influence. This is shown in Act 1, scene 1 when Othello is constantly referred to as The Moor which federal direction African Blackman.
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Also in this scene, Iago makes a speech to Brabantio approximately Othello and Desdemona. Because we come to do you process and you think we are rufffians, you leave alone have your daughter cover with Barbary horse; youll have your nephews let out to you; youll have coursers for cousins and jennets for Germans. All of these remarks think to Othellos race and colouration and by saying this it shows that Othello is less worthy just because of his race and skin colour. Another exit which occurs is when Othello finds the handkerchief and this convinces Othello of Desdemonas use but this is not Othellos naiveity coming in to philander here, it is the fact that he has unquestionable evidence of Desdemonas affair with Cassio. However, Othello...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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