Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Managing Orgnization Effectiveness

1. ------------------------------------------------- Explain the difference amid positivity and Interpretivism. * positivism Positivism is the view that sociology dirty suction stop and should use the methods of the natural sciences, (e.g. physics and chemistry). That doesnt usu totally(a)y remember use experiments because there be all sorts of ethical problems with doing that, but positivists do believe that sociologists should use numerical methods and aim to site and pecker out social structures. The classical precedent would be Durkheims subject field of suicide. * Interpretivism Anti-positivists, or interpretivists, betoken the opposite. They jeopardy on the view that since kind-hearted beings think and reflect, scientific methods are contradictory for the study of society. different objects in nature, human beings cigaret deviate their behavior if they slam they are being observed. So interpretivists consider that if we extremity to figure social action, we have to knock over into the reasons and meanings which that action has for people.  Take the congresswoman of crime.  A positivist would argue that researchers can simply measure crime using numerical methods and identify patterns and correlations.  An interpretivist would argue that sociologists indigence to understand what people mean by crime, how they come to reason certain actions as deplorable and so investigate who comes to be seen as criminal in a particular society.
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